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  1. Firefly

    Journalists - you gotta love em

  2. Firefly

    Generic Oxalic Solution still available

    I was surprised to find a well-known supplier (but not all) still selling generic, pre-mixed Oxalic/sugar solution (as "winter hive care"!). Good for me, but are they technically outside the law? I imagine I am if I use it
  3. Firefly

    Tall tale?

    Something tells me this is a half-right story with media "embellishment" http://metro.co.uk/2016/05/24/20000-bees-chase-car-for-two-days-after-queen-bee-gets-trapped-in-boot-5901545/?ito=facebook The Grauniad have the same story with less melodrama...
  4. Firefly

    Posting Images

    Is there an advisory somewhere about how to post images on the forum? If I use the "Insert Image" button on the Message window, my photos come out gigantic, which is not very considerate to others. Like this... (thanks in advance)
  5. Firefly

    NOD Apiary Products

    1.5 pages of BBKA news given over to an "article" by someone from the "NOD Apiary Products Bee Health Team" about "winter bees" - though actually about Varroa control, and actually a blatant advertisement for MAQS, without even the grace to mention that other treatment options are available...
  6. Firefly

    Honey in Demaree

    My 2 week old Demaree has succeeded so far (despite missing 3 QC in the top box on the 1st check - oops). Brood thinning out in the top box; drawing comb and laying in the bottom box; bees happy However, as Wally Shaw warns, as fast as they are hatching brood, they are filling the cells with...
  7. Firefly

    Keep your eyes peeled

    This week's Guardian Week in Wildlife has both a bee collecting pollen from apple blossom (unlike mine, who fly straight out of the orchard to the OSR) and a Bengal tiger reputed to prey on honey hunters. Take care friends http://gu.com/p/47knt
  8. Firefly

    Sore Back

    Just had a rather alarming twinge while replacing 2 far-from-full supers on the BB. Classic lifting-while-twisting, I guess - the beekeeping equivalent of lifting a child into a car seat. Had to ask SWMBO to finish the job and now feeling rather sore Not the first time in life - though the...
  9. Firefly

    Combining colonies in spring

    Planning! Let's start by being optimistic. Assume all my colonies survive the winter. If that happens, I have more colonies than I want. I also have one colony that is very nervous and defensive - not really very pleasurable to manage. Would it be reasonable to remove that queen and combine...
  10. Firefly

    The price of honey

    ...is clearly on the rise: "Conservative MP Hugo Swire, clearly has some talent. He manages to squeeze someone for £15,000 in return for a jar of honey made from his own bees"...
  11. Firefly

    Nobody tells you...

    ...when you take up the gentle craft of beekeeping that within a couple of years you will be struggling across an overgrown, matted and tangled grass field, in the dark, carrying a 50kg receptacle containing 30,000 insects, 29,000 of which can sting Worse: Nobody tells you that you will...
  12. Firefly

    Live Wire

    It's not often I consider myself Mr Fixit, but I'm fairly proud of this First you wreck your veil by putting it through a washing machine. This breaks the solder between the 2 ends of the hoop, which then contracts every time you wear it - eventually resulting in the veil flopping over your...
  13. Firefly

    Links from SkyDrive

    Admin/anyone Can you tell me how to insert a picture from MS SkyDrive into a post here? If I create a view-only link within SkyDrive and then insert that into the Insert Image dialog here, that does not seem to work. Just to be sure, I'll try adding one here From Picasa I could always see...
  14. Firefly

    Bees on a Web Cam

    A web cam panning inside a wild hive, and a static one at the entrance, in Bavaria. Picked up by the Grauniad Well, I'm impressed http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/honey-bee-hive-cam http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/honey-bee-landing-zone-cam
  15. Firefly

    The Bee Garden: How to Create or Adapt a Garden To Attract and Nurture Bees

    Has anyone read this book and can you recommend it (or anything better)? The Bee Garden: How to Create or Adapt a Garden To Attract and Nurture Bees: Amazon.co.uk: Maureen Little: Books All being well, I'm going to be in a position of renovating and old and tired garden next year, so looking...
  16. Firefly

    Where to buy Pembrokeshire honey?

    Emergency! I'm staying in Marloes village. The village shop has NO HONEY :ohthedrama: Can anyone advise on the closest source of the real thing? Many thanks D
  17. Firefly

    The Chipping Norton Swarm?

    'I am," said David Cameron in response to a question about bees, "the life patron of the Oxfordshire Beekeepers' Association!" "Resign!" yelled a Labour voice. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/apr/24/pmqs-no-plan-bee-little-buzz?INTCMP=SRCH Martha Kearney was very droll when reporting...
  18. Firefly

    Bees in Art

    We took a weekend trip to London and, rather than shiver in the streets (and worry about starving bees), spent an hour or two in the National Gallery. I have very limited knowledge of fine art, and wandered around somewhat randomly, over-awed by all that magnificence. Eventually I took a more...
  19. Firefly

    Urban Beekeeping and Quantum Mechanics

    I'm amazed I cannot find a reference to this on the forum: http://www.constellationstheplay.com/index-constellations.php A west end play in which the lead character is a beekeeper, Hooper gets a name check and the life cycle of bees is used as the basis of a marriage proposal - oh, and...
  20. Firefly

    Next Apiary Visit?

    Of course you all knew this already - but in case anyone is as far out of touch as I am... http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/blogs/bees/bees-white-house-garden-88032302 According to my paper today, the Prez makes beer (?!) with the produce :cheers2: