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  1. understanding_bees

    What are these worms?

    We have had a few pleasant days in Melbourne, which encourage me to think that Spring will soon be here. The bees have been quite active, bringing in pollen, and I have on several occasions observed groups of bees making orientation flights. I have just one hive at the moment, and want to do all...
  2. understanding_bees

    Honey Frames - Wax Foundation Sheets, and Foundationless

    I watched a Youtube video about making beeswax foundation sheets for honey frames. This video by Tim Rowe shows how he made a simple wax melting tray, and how he makes foundation sheets which can be inserted into the frames at a later date. One of the things he talks about is how the wax sheets...
  3. understanding_bees

    Drinking water for Bees

    I want to help my bees as much as possible, to thrive, so that their colony can succeed and survive year by year (and that I can get some honey as well!) Although I am fairly new to this role as a beekeeper, the things I have read (and my own observation) indicate that bees do not always...
  4. understanding_bees

    Double Brood Boxes

    I have recently become a beekeeper, and am the owner of two hives, from two different sources. Each of these colonies is in Langstroth 10-frame deep hive boxes. For several reasons, I wish to use 8-frame medium hive boxes as standard equipment in my apiary. I want to use this size of hive box...