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    First bee-hive

    Get a book - best imo is 'Guide to bees and Honey' by Ted Hooper MBE. Amazon best site to get it from. Has everything a new beek will need to know and is great to dip into as the need arises.
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    High mite count

    Ask your bees because they know. If you can't speak 'bee' just accept that what they do is for a good and sufficient reason.:):):)
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Don't know why I even looked at this page. Wish it was an option on the 'What's new' list rather than sitting there to not a lot of purpose.
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    Beekeeping reflections

    I don't eat honey unless I bung some in cooking but I do like seeing my bees doing their stuff with minimal interference from me.
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    Are you thinking of joining octopus for electricity?

    I am currently with OVO too but when my current contract expires I am hoping to avoid my annual check for a better supplier/tariff by using lookaftermybills.com to save me the bother. It's free and can opt out any time so why not? Anybody out there tried it yet?
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    They won't take it down!

    I stand corrected - to a degree. My bees are flying so will be foraging and storing, so.................................................?
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    Hive Security

    Bet the Chinese can and do.
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    They won't take it down!

    Bees don't move honey down because that is where they expect to find it when they need it. Nadiring it is the ONLY solution and it has been talked about on here for too many yonks to mention.
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    Illegal vaping and new laws

    I'm nearly 86 and on the waiting list to go as soon as possible frankly. Just hanging around to care for my wife with alzheimers and hoping to live long enough to see Donald Trump stuffed where he should be - in the nick for the rest of his natural devoid of his gold toilet pan.
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    Reminded me of when I was doing my National Service in Germany in 1954 and out on exercise when after dark an RASC driver was refueling inside a farmers barn with a paraffin lamp by his side to see what he was doing in the dark. Nice bonfire - and a huge claim on the Claims Commission no doubt.
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    Are you thinking of joining octopus for electricity?

    Smart meters are not smart enough for me. Utter waste of money for which the customer pays one way or the other.
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    Climate Change EV Threat to Bees

    Ask Donald Trump - he who knows everything?
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    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    It's not delivery I have had the problem with it's the effing courier who hasn't logged my package in so I can't even track it. Useless courier really but Hermes have my money for nuthin' and talking to them has been a waste of time = promised emails on progress etc never seen/sent.
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    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    Hermes dreadful - have 'lost' a package I sent with them a month ago and no bloody refund yet either. Case now with PayPal.
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    Hygiene and National Bee Unit Inspections

    Been inspected 3 times over the years, same brilliant master beek woman who got promoted to RBI and then to MAFF (as it used to be) and has now buggered off to Africa. Last visit some 6 years ago she marked and clipped a couple of Qs for me too. Sadly missed.
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    Finding site

    Register on the 'Nextdoor' website and invite your 'neighbours' to offer potential sites for a few bees. You will almost certainly get offers. very simple and as local as you want without the trash of so many so-called social networking sites.
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    This topic is very reminiscent of the Poll Tax issue and the demise of the rating system which IMO was always fairer and nothing to with rental values either (I saw how the DV rates were calculated so I know) - but Maggie was so biased she got her way and all the top brass get their properties...
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    Paradise National - Feeding Fondant

    That suggests the inner is too flimsy. Make a better one? My very aged pal didn't bother with any ekes or whatever but just pressed half packs of Apifonda onto the top of the frames where the cluster is and put the CB & lid back on. Nothing more - and he had kept bees for 70 odd years! When last...
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    Paradise National - Feeding Fondant

    Make a feeder hole?
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    You forgot to mention the 'duck-house' bloke.