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  1. Rockingod

    Help with a book needed.....

    Hi all, Does anyone have a copy of this book that they would wish to part with ? BREEDING TECHNIQUES AND SELECTION FOR BREEDING OF THE HONEYBEE by Friedrich Ruttner. I have downloaded a copy from the BIBBA (member) website but the download only has the text (no diagrams / pics etc). Plus, it can...
  2. Rockingod

    Oxalic acid sublimation

    Quick question guys and gals........ How many of you use a heat gun vaporiser system for oxalic acid sublimation? Similar to that sold by Lega Italy.
  3. Rockingod

    Inspection software (brilliant)

    Hi guys and gals, Thought I'd share my experiences of using hive inspection software. Basically, I built my own. It runs on an iPad and is built using Excel for Mac. Bit of history first....... My penchant is for rearing queens so therefore the recording of colony data is extremely important to...
  4. Rockingod

    Help needed with identification

    Hi all, I came across this beetle today whilst doing my feeding runs. It was tucked under the edge of the hive roof (not inside though). I've checked in all my books and researched the web. It's a checkered (or chequered) beetle. It could be Trichodes Alvearius or Trichodes Apiarius. However...
  5. Rockingod

    Not so much toy story as fly story

    Hi all, I came across this article today whilst surfing the web (yes....you've guessed it....it's raining and I ain't working!) and just had to share it with you all........ Pensioner blows his house up while trying to kill a fly with electrified bug swatter A French pensioner blew up his...
  6. Rockingod

    Marking and clipping queens

    We mark and clip all our queens as a matter of course (Once there is sealed brood). It would be interesting to know how many members mark and clip their queens?
  7. Rockingod

    Mentoring offered

    I have the occasional time slots available for mentoring. I'm based in Aberteifi (Cardigan), West Wales. I've been taught by my mentor and I feel obliged to offer the same service to others. If you are travelling a fair distance I have onsite accommodation available.
  8. Rockingod

    Plastic foundation

    I'm considering switching from wax to plastic foundation. I've experimented with plastic in a couple of boxes and they seem to work ok. Does anyone else out there have any experience of using plastic ?
  9. Rockingod

    Hidden queen cell

    In one of my apiaries today doing my general inspections and I came across this frame. It was in a box that I'd dropped a 4 frame nuc in a fortnight ago. Can you find the active capped queen cell that the little tikes decided to hide? By the way it was the only QC in the box. I was a little bit...
  10. Rockingod

    Hi all

    Hi all and a warm welcome from sunny West Wales (who am I trying to kid ?), I’ve been a member of the forum for some time but never posted would you believe!! A country boy at heart, I’ve been keeping bees on and off for 20+ years and been steadily building up my colony numbers. I’ve been...