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  1. Firefly

    Label materials

    From this thread, I see that some people design labels with Avery and some use Publisher. Are there any other good alternatives? I like my non-Avery label size and I don't have Publisher. I use a very out-of-date, non-web version of DesignPro (which works with non-Avery labels, unlike the web...
  2. Firefly

    Is this normal for October?

    I think they are from that colony. There are 3 other colonies in the apiary with no drones on the landing board. This is a prime swarm I caught this year, which built up with astonishing speed and vigour. Then they replaced their queen in July - I think it was supersedure rather than swarm...
  3. Firefly

    Is this normal for October?

    This many
  4. Firefly

    Is this normal for October?

    I also had similar yesterday. Mine were also ejecting a lot of drones - creating chaos, as both the foragers and the drones were desperate to get in - it was quite a scrum. I mentioned that it is October, but they did not seem to care
  5. Firefly

    2nd’s pine boxes

    You are right, my mistake. I was thinking that the average person has less than 2 legs. :dupe:
  6. Firefly

    2nd’s pine boxes

    I think you mean 'less'
  7. Firefly

    Another passion of mine

    Bunch of Thyme
  8. Firefly

    Tinkerbell effect...................

    Townies, can't stand 'em. Pile on
  9. Firefly

    Tinkerbell effect...................

    Cyclist and BMW wars are so yesterday. Haven't you heard: we all hate e-scooters now
  10. Firefly

    Using lavender in your smoker.

    Do you think there is a priestly caste of bees? I'm sure the ones that wander pensively above the crown board are the colony philosophers, but I think they are very sceptical about organised religion.
  11. Firefly

    Nationwide abandoned hives.

    💡 I always wondered what was in Bara brith
  12. Firefly

    Nationwide abandoned hives.

    Honey hunting has come to Wales?
  13. Firefly

    Weather Stations

    I went to one of the concerts where they performed songs based on the words in the book - music and songs developed in collaboration with Robert M and Jackie M. Jackie reproduced the otter illustration under lights and cameras, live on stage at Birmingham Town Hall, as they preformed this. What...
  14. Firefly

    Weather Stations

    The chalk and board rubber routine was a favourite of my maths teacher too - it must have been part of the training. He also took the whole class out on to the snowy playing field without coats and wouldn't let anyone in until someone came up with the correct answer. Funnily enough, it didn't...
  15. Firefly

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    I just walked through 70ish acres of mixed Phacelia and vetch in full flower that someone has planted near my home. In full flower. There wasn't a moment when I couldn't see a bee. They are coming over the hedge like Cylon raiders. Hopefully mine have found it
  16. Firefly

    Spring must of been good, for my girls to travel four miles to the osr.

    It has become very common in the last few years for arable fields to be planted after harvest, or during a fallow period, with 'crops' that are subsequently ploughed in as 'green manure'. I think there is probably an intention to reduce soil erosion too. Around me, these crops have included...
  17. Firefly

    Hi all

    I'm heading for Newport in a couple of weeks, when the heatwave has passed. We always try to pick up some local honey. Where should I look for yours and what should I look for?
  18. Firefly

    A sensible number of hives for beginners next year

    Never a truer word. Beekeeping, business, life...
  19. Firefly

    A sensible number of hives for beginners next year

    Do you know if your garage colony has been in absolutely continuous occupation for 10 years? There are lots of people who say that wild / feral colonies cannot survive for more than 2 or 3 years without succumbing to Varroa/virus, and that apparently long-lived wild colonies are really just...
  20. Firefly

    Sport and politics

    Personally, I would re-queen