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    Can Apivar stop bees taking syrup?

    First time I have used Apivar and noticed the bees are ignoring the syrup. Is this just likely to be temporary or will they ignore until Apivar is out? Only put one strip in there between the two frames of brood on a 6 frame nuc. Also was wandering if it can affect the queen laying.
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    White dusty looking bees - what are they foraging on?

    As title interested to see what they are foraging on if anybody knows.
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    How the bees defend a nuc from wasps

    Wasps everywhere, some nests very close to the bees this year so apparently the bees decided they need an entourage of bouncers at the door to stop the daily onslaught.
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    How long could you keep a nuc closed up with ventilation?

    As title says could I keep them closed for 5 days with ventilation and a daily water spray?
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    Bees available

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    Fiesty hive best way to requeen opinions

    New queen local mated from April this year in this hive and it's become a real pain to inspect, it's done well and produced 3 supers in the summer crop 2 supers are still on the hive right now. It's very heavily populated with bees and has gradually become more aggressive over time, recently...
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    Rhombus Bee escape vs 8 way Bee escape

    As per title which is the best to use to clear the supers in busy hives?
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    Plant ID please

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    Plant identification

    Can anybody identify this plant for me please was covered in honey bees and bumbles today.
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    Swarmed and went back in hive?

    Came out this morning to hear loud buzzing and found the bees had swarmed high into a bush out of reach, I watched for a while thinking of what to do and then noticed the hive front was literally covered in bees and loads of bees were in the air heading back to the hive. All has calmed down now...
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    Asian Hornet in my garden? Identification please

    These insects keep coming daily to strip the fences right near my beehive presumably to take back material to build a nest. I have not seen these before in the garden and I wanted to make sure they weren't the dreaded Asian Hornet as they are very different to the European Hornets and wasps...
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    Mowing near the beehive in the garden

    Any advice would be much appreciated from anyone with any tips on mowing around the bees? They are in my garden and I have to mow to within a metre of the front of the hive, is there a better time of day to do it, do I need to suit up for this, they were OK with me last year but were a smaller...
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    Anybody want to help look after a beehive

    As much as I have tried to get used to working around the bees I can't get comfortable and now they are not getting the checks or proper attention they need. They are at the bottom of our long garden in Braintree Essex and out of the way from people. I am currently considering selling them or...
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    Looking for recommendations on a oxalic Vaporizer

    I have been looking at this one https://bridge-cottage.com/store. But would like to hear some opinions and recommendations before I buy anything. I don't want to use the cheap ebay ones that need a big battery, ideally I would like one with the nozzle so it can be administered through a hole...
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    1KG of Candipoline and patty almost gone already?

    Put 1KG of Candipoline and a large bee patty above the brood a couple of weeks ago and I am totally surprised at how much has gone already. I honestly thought it may have lasted them most of winter but they have been tearing into it non stop. Is this normal ?
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    Aggression this time of year?

    Are bees generally more aggressive this time of year? Mine have been pretty good so far but yesterday I attempted to fix some insulation and was met with some very aggressive bees which I have not experienced before.
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    Winter bee die off what to expect

    First Winter with bees so was wandering what sort of bee die off to expect and what is normal. For example I have been seeing 1-2 dead bees in the mornings dead outside hive and just the last two days seen 4-6 each day. Just looking for confirmation for what is normal to expect and what isn't as...
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    Closed OMF and no Ventilation

    Anybody overwinter with a closed OMF and no Ventilation apart from hive entrance? I put insulation on top of beehive and have had the OMF closed up until now but when I took it out today the bees didn't like it, they were nicely tucked up and quiet but after I slowly removed it and we had a lot...
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    Varroa floor board replacement

    Looking for a new Varroa floor board replacement for a national hive can somebody direct me to where I can get one
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    A couple of quick questions

    Just curious and know somebody on here will know the answers If bees are bringing in pollen does it mean they are likely to be bringing in nectar too? Can bees store feeds like candipoline or do they just use them?