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    Queen disappeared - what happened?

    Hi All, Earlier on in the season I got a caste swarm from a friend. We settled the bees into a new hive and added 2 full frames of honey to give them a boost. First inspection after 2 weeks went well and new queen was filling out frames with brood and all seemed well. The next inspection and 3...
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    Identification please

    Hi All, Spotted this little creature among the bees on the lavender. Never see anything like it before. I first thought it was a humming bird. It was hovering around the plant with serious aerial ability. Would describe it as furry with butterfly wings.
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    Wasp excluder - mesh size?

    Hi All, I have been trying to find information on the size (width) of the common wasp as I was thinking to put some mesh over the beehive entrance similar to a queen excluder. Would still leave a gap for queen, drones (and wasps) but it would be much easier to defend for a small colony. What...
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    What are these?

    Hi All, I placed a swarm trap out the other week and lifted the lid today to find these under the lid. What are they? I initially though they might be wasp larvae but after looking it up they dont seem to match. The outside looks like cardboard and the one on the right already hatched.