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    Executioner Pro

    In preparation of a possible major incursion of Asian Hornets, I lashed out £20 on an Executioner Pro Bug Zapper. It was delivered yesterday, in time for me to take it to the apiary where an Asian Hornet (AH) was found (separate thread). The intention was not to kill AHs (the SBIs wanted a...
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    "Asian Hornet" seen in Cornwall

    Turned out it wasn't an Asian Hornet (AH) but here's the story. I had a pm on this forum yesterday from a beek I know who had lost my contact details. Message said: "Hi Had a phone call from an ex-beekeeper friend in Mary Tavy. He has had a beekeeper from South Wales staying at Lydford, who...
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    RIDDOR Regulations - Legal Question

    This thread is in the general section as I could not find anywhere more appropriate to put it. A bee group to which I belong is negotiating a licence for an apiary with a local authority. The draft licence from the licensor's solicitor states the licensee shall "record and report all accidents...
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    .wav Transcription Software for a Mac?

    As I get older, I struggle with my short-term memory so at the end of a colony inspection, I found I was struggling to remember found many frames of brood, where the stores were, etc.. The solution I now use is to record the inspections on a small digital sound recorder - e.g "taking out frame...
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    Flybe Initiative - Whatever next?

    see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S584kvtoNo&sns=fb CVB
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    Devon BKA Asian Hornet Initiative - The Martyn Hocking Experience

    Here's a link to a presentation last Saturday by Martyn Hocking who discovered Asian Hornets in his apiary in Woolacombe in September 2017- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOnb3R2ozz4 Martyn explains, in an amusing way, the trials and tribulations of finding Asian Hornets in his apiary. CVB
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    I've heard of tea Lights - but Bee Lights?

    I've just seen these Bee lights here on Amazon. Want something to decorate your Christmas Market stall? Those of you with Amm's might need to get out the black paint! CVB
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    Flowers on Castor-Oil-Plant

    Two Castor-Oil-Plants down the road from me are in flower and are covered in honeybees, bumble bees. wasps and various flies. Not sure if flowering at this time of year is unusual or whether it's a case of mistaken identity. Whatever it is, it's providing a feast for lots of insects. CVB
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    Selling Price for Raw Propolis

    I have been asked for a price for raw propolis by a small-scale pharma manufacturer. Does anybody have any idea what the going rate is for raw, unrefined, unprocessed propolis? Hedgerow Pete (we don't hear from him lately, do we) quoted £5 for 20 grammes 3 years ago but he did not give any...
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    Hive Alive

    A repeat of this hour long programme is on BBC2 at 3.30 today - "Chris Packham and Martha Kearney explore the remarkable secrets of bees" CVB
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    Hive Clean is Dead - Long Live VarroaMed?

    In an article in July's BBKA News (page 237), Jason Learner from the National Bee Unit summarises all of the approved bee medicines. On the end of the list is VarroaMed which, although approved, is not yet available in the UK. The manufacturer's name was not given The list of ingredients was...
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    Buzz Beekeeping Supplies

    Back in 2013, I bought a Buzz bee suit on Ebay (sent from Somerset) and I've been very happy with it - until today when I got stung on the face and on the chest by bees who found a split (there were 2 splits) in the veil. I did a Google search to try to find where I could get a replacement...
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    Bees make Headlines in Hull

    Here's a piece from the BBC about a swarm of bees on a car in Hull. CVB
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    Monitoring Board Debris

    I was trying to count Varroa mites on a monitoring board today (good news - 2 mites in 3 days) and I came across a lot of white shell-like articles. Closer inspection under a dissecting microscope showed what looks like bits of white bee skeleton - small selection in photo taken through one lens...
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    Tom Seeley - Darwinian Beekeeping

    Here's a link to a Bee Audacious meeting in California last month. At About 17 minutes in, Tom Seeley gives his views on how he thinks bees should be kept. For example, he suggests that we should put with aggressive bees. There's lots in there for "non-treaters" and the Derek Mitchells of this...
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    PhD Research Opportunity at Plymouth University

    Here's a link to the details of an opportunity for a graduate to undertake fully-funded research work into Amm black bees. If you know anybody who's interested, please pass on the information to them or have a crack yourself! CVB
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    Anybody out there remember Julie Covington?

    I heard her 1970s recording of "Don't cry for me Argentina" the other day and it reminded me of what a good voice she has. I found on YouTube a couple of haunting recordings of Lennon and MaCartney songs - the first is that rare rendition - a cover version of "If I Fell" that was better than...
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    Russian Athletes - Doping Conspiracy

    Those of you who like a good conspiracy should have a read of this. I spent three hours yesterday and today reading Professor Richard McLaren's second report to the World Anti-Doping Agency. It's a fascinating read and although the Russians developed a nearly foolproof system of getting round...
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    BBC 4 - Insect Dissection

    Interesting programme on the Beeb last night for all the microscopists out there - see here CVB
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    Beekeeper Prosecuted for giving Bees Illegal Substances

    Here's a link to a report about a beekeeper in Scotland who is being prosecuted for administering unauthorised medicines to bees. -here As you will see, it's a bit more than using up his supply of Oxalic Acid before switching to Bioxial. It is alleged that he imported the unauthorised medicinal...