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    Wildflower meadows

    Indeed it will. However, that is the point in using it selectively by knapsack application. Weeding in the garden is not the same as a 2 acre field. If you want a wildflower meddow you will find that the creeping thistle will out perform all others. Personally, I quite like these "weeds" and...
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    Wildflower meadows

    Google Grazon. It can be applied selectively in a knapsack.
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    Wildflower meadows

    Try this which can be used selectively in a knapsack:
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    Beekeepers Professions

    Retired now and running my smallholding with cattle, pigs, poultry and, of course bees. Try and grow all my own food. Got my original nuc from Peterbees, (thank you Peter) 15 years ago. Taken all the modules bar 8, which I was taking last March but keeps getting postponed due to blinking covid ...
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    Free Beekeeping Webinars

    That's really useful information. Thank you
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    Colony density

    Its not just urban areas. I've Just checked bee base. There are 131 apiaries within 10km of my home apiary, and that's only the ones that are registered on beebase. I do know that 10km is too wide an area but cannot reduce the radius to a smaller scale to obtain more accurate data. Poor honey...
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    Fondant question

    Interesting question that. I have a colony which had apiguard during August. Put thymolated syrup on in early September and they wouldn't touch it. I have now taken it of and given them fondant. I will find out tomorrow if they are taking that but I suspect it's the thymol in the apiguard which...
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    Colony density

    Does anyone know of any studies on the effect on yields of colony density ? I have a suspicion that the influx of new beekeepers is dampening my yields. Live in a very rural area in Wales which is stock based and no arable crops. Thank you
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    I will give it a go !
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    Thank you Speybee
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    Hi All, Anyone got a recipe for homemade propolis lozenges ? Thanks in advance
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    Varying honey flavours - how does it go down with your customers?

    I also found this very interesting:
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    Varying honey flavours - how does it go down with your customers?

    Thank you for the information. Please can you tell me where you are sending your samples to for analysis and what method of analysis is being used ? Do the results show any other information, such as the %of different types of sugars in the sample ?
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    My bee bee tree flowers

    I also have 2 Tetradium Danielli, (Evodia)bought 4 years ago from Burncoose nurseries. One was planted on top of a soak away, the other not. They have both been heavily mucked. Although both are going to flower soon, I am in North Wales, the soak away one is 8 feet tall and the other around 5...
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    Getting close to the equinox...

    Wow, I envy you that. Love the colour on the pollen baskets when they are loaded with phacelia. I have some buckwheat too but it doesn't look like that. I am in N Wales. There is another plant in one of the photos but I can't quite make it out. Looks a little like sainfoin. Photo of young...
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    Treatment Free

    Hi Amanda, Interesting post. Thank you. What prompts you to do an inspection from their behaviour ? Do you use your own wax for starter strips and how often do you change the comb ? What IPM methods do you use, if any ? Do you feed sugar syrup and is your apiary isolated/remote ? Mike
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    When are the spring Module result out

    Mod 3 I passed Mod 3 with a credit ! Phew !
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    Propolis Tincture?

    Try Polish Spirit, available online and 79.9% ABV
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    Fnd lots of drone laying queens

    .....same here in one of my colonies only. Added frame of eggs from another colony two weeks in a row with another week to go. Will see what happens next week. The drone layers have stopped but HRH has not started laying. Time will tell but they may be headed for a shaking !