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    Konigin equipment

    Does anyone have any experience with Konigin equipment ? Trying to find out how it compares to other makes. Looking at uncapping machine and extractors. The finish to the equipment isn't the same as somewhere like Thomas/fritz but it's half the price. Any experiences would be gratefully received.
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    Lega 9 frame extractor

    What's a lega 9 frame manual radial extractor worth, it has the racks for brood frames but they are showing some rust not very bad though. It's old but great condition.
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    Queen problem, virus maybe ?

    I have a colony that came through winter in a below average state, wasn't terrible but not great. I put that down to them being in an exposed area. I have done the second inspection and there is low amount of brood and low amount of eggs but some are there. Less than last inspection and a lot...
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    OA vapouriser.

    Ok what is the best vapouriser for about 30 colonies ? Trying with a varrox is driving me insane. I tried 2 at a time and it's too slow. I don't want to pre mix stuff I just want to sort it. 240v is available I have a jenny.
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    Bees Abroad

    Does anyone here work with Bees abroad ?
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    Advertising charge

    Does the charge of £15 apply to people that have paid to support the forum ?
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    Bee Farmers Association

    Is joining the BFA worth it for a part timer ? What do you get for the membership fee ? I understand the insurance is worth the money if you have hundreds of hives but as a small scale part time job is it worth joining ? Basically i'm asking what's in it for me.
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    trying to find a beefarmer in measham

    i'm trying to find the bee farmer that has hives on the land off swepstone road measham previously owned by lovetts. The land has been sold and the current owner has offered me your bees if I want them. I don't want them as that is theft. He has said that if they aren't moved by june he will...
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    AFB in Leicestershire/Derbyshire

    Just had an e mail AFB has been found in the kegworth, loughborough, medbourne triangle.
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    nosema apis or ceranea

    Sorry about the poor quality of the pic. When looking closely at the samples I have there are two different shaped nosema spores. One is slightly more pointed and a little thinner than the other. Which one is apis and which is ceranea or can't you tell from a microscope. Difference shows better...
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    Double eggs in cells

    I've been trying to find out what's going on with the 2 poorly hives I have. There is a low amount of bees in the hives and everytime I try and go to put them into a nucs it's too cold or it rains. When I checked them there was a small patch of BIAS but close to that there were some cells with...
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    http://www.hortweek.com/controversial-fera-privatisation-goes-ahead-capita-newcastle-university-taking-agency/plant-health/article/1333401 https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/animal-and-plant-health-agency/about I wonder how this will affect the beekeeping industry.
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    First hive loss

    Went to check the bees and found a dead colony. There has been a lot of ground work at this site which I didn't know about, changed drainage and built the ground level up. The surrounding area drains into this field now as they are increasing the size of the lake. Walking over to the hives I...
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    http://bee.gktsn.com/eng I'll have to build a couple of these and charge people £100 a night for sleeping in them.
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    Chronic Migraine

    Has anyone here suffered from this condition? Atm this is a self diagnosis as the doctors seem to be unable to tell me why or what i am suffering from . I have another appointment tomorrow to hopefully get somewhere with it. Constant headaches for over a month now and chronic migraine fits...
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    How to protect against wax moth

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/you-never-guess-what-pulled-4475634 this guy is available
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    My first year

    I've spoken to lot of beekeepers and this year has been unusual to most. Swarms have been ridiculous compared to other years and vorroa have gone mad. I have no other years to compare it to but it has been a baptism of fire. The amount of equipment i needed has wiped me out and the stress has...
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    dead varroa

    http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=10981&stc=1&d=1413195373 Varroa kill after second treatment with OA vapourisation. The first kill was more but i didn't get a pic. the varroa calculator said to treat in 9 months after monitoring the drop.
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    What a commotion today robber bees around

    I have a hive near the kitchen door. Today they are very pingy and busy. I noticed bees being carried away from the hive and some rolling round on the floor in small balls, others walking around looking drunk. I had a look at some of the ones walking and noticed their wings were not right in...
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    Efb ?

    ok i'm new at this i have read and looked at every thread and all internet info on this . One hive smells wrong. I didn't see any flakes or odd cappings, dodgy brood but I am reluctant to inspect again due to weather. the brood pattern was ok not patchy. but when topping the feeder up it was an...