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    Laying workers

    A thought brought on by another thread I wonder, and it is just a question, I don't know the answer. Would a laying worker lay drones this time of year as they're not needed in the hive? Or would the 'lay' imperative override the 'no drones' one.
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    Climate Change EV Threat to Bees

    The queen has a set of turbines in the Thames at Windsor to power some of the castles needs. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2076675/Merry-waves-Windsor-Green-Queen-uses-water-power-run-castle.html
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    Climate Change EV Threat to Bees

    Known locally as the electric mountain. It's been going for years. Dinorwig Power Station - Wikipedia
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    Hygiene and National Bee Unit Inspections

    All the regional inspectors are listed on Beebase. Beebase - Beekeeping information resource for Beekeepers if you can remember the exact date and there's nothing on your record / you don't have one then give him or her a call.
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    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    When I used to sell china on eBay there was a technique called double boxing. In that you wrap the item in bubble wrap, then a layer of cardboard, then another of bubble wrap then the outer box. I was always told to imagine a postal worker chucking your item into one of their wheeled cages then...
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    Western Red Cedar

    I saw this website advertised the other day. Western Red Cedar Timber Products from iWood the only problem is they're wholesalers and have a minimum order amount which is £750 (+VAT) so maybe a bit too much unless you have a really large order?
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    Selling & Income Tax - an accountant's view

    My own personal experience is that my small business selling widgets on eBay didn't ever break the tax free allowance, so a couple of years ago HMRC sent me a letter telling me I no longer needed to fill in a self assessment. But I only found this out after a number of years trading and doing a...
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Commercial brood boxes, which are slightly taller than a standard national use a box joint, loads of surfaces for glue.
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    Free Beekeeping Webinars

    Here's another Wednesday October 7th. 7:30pm Dr Peter Kozmus, Vice President of Apimondia will be discussing Beekeeping in Slovenia. https://mailchi.mp/scottishbeekeepers/dr-peter-kozmus-talk-4716941?e=fefbad702c
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    This website Clee Liberty Shropshire suggests that the ultimate landowner (or people responsible for) the area would be the local parish council perhaps they will know who has permission to site hives on the land?
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    Nationwide abandoned hives.

    I was told by our local regional bee inspector recently that had we remained in the EU compulsory registration was coming in a few years time but it's fallen though for the moment.
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    Nationwide abandoned hives.

    As far as I know the answer to that is no one. I'd guess they are considered to be wild bees although it could be argued that the owner of the building could register the one they have but I'm not sure the bee inspectors would necessarily know what to do it they ever turned up to it as...
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    Nationwide abandoned hives.

    The other way to look at abandoned hives is that they have survived for a period of time to the point where only the woodwork is still the same from when they were set up so are the equivalent of bees in a hollow tree, that is wild or feral bees. If they can survive all the bee diseases that...
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    What should I do with my wax?

    Our association makes food wraps, although I think they may be a passing fad that's almost had it's day as there's loads of companies jumping on the band wagon. Cosmetics, be very careful if you intend to sell them. Here in the UK you need to get them tested before you can legally sell them...
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    Attacked by dogs so w hen would be the best time to move bees?

    I'd guess the importing of dogs wholesale from the EU will stop next year or at least be much more strict so sellers are stocking up now.
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    My wifes listing keeps geting removed from facebook market...

    I don't personally sell on Facebook, but if there are other keepers in your area selling honey successfully then compare your advert with theirs. Is there anything mentioned in your advert that doesn't appear in theirs? For instance maybe you have the word 'bee' in yours but they don't. Does...
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    Nuc stolen Llangynin Carmarthenshire

    Sorry, not much information. One of our local beekeepers has had a nuc removed from one of his out apiaries in the Llangynin area of Carmarthenshire. Happened in the past week, the problem is of course that he can't be more accurate than that. The apiary had a chain on the gate which was cut...
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    Want my garden back

    Yes, sales are usually setup by local BKA's the ones near me take the form of auctions. There are two local to me for instance one week after the other around about April time. This give the bees time to come through the winter and be established for the coming season but not yet in full flow...
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    Extractor question

    Other thoughts, use carriage bolts from the top, with nyloc nuts. The domed head will give a bit more clearance, then there's screws from the castor side. Final thought is I've seen loads of people use the bolt to cut a thread in the wood itself, if the application isn't too stressful, say if...
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    Asian Hornet

    Well there must be a limit to it's range at some stage. Perhaps Gloucester (the farthest North it's got by natural means I believe) could well be it. Of course that doesn't help us to the West although with the damper climate that might help as well. I wonder if anyone has look at it's...