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    Open mesh floors and brood space above them

    Setting up for next year and just wondered how close the brood would be to an open mesh floor. Just thinking that it could be colder if some air movement. I know the bees keep the brood warm but when the queen is laying, to be extreme, you don't want a cold blast of air. I am using Warre...
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    Cardboard nuc ventilation in April (ish)

    Just getting ready for next year and will be collecting 2x 3 dadant frames of bees in April. I am in france and this sort of question to the supplier can be tricky so... I have two BEENUK cardboard nuc boxes which say they are well insulated being thick cardboard. So far so good. They have...
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    Warre entrance size 8mm high ok ?

    I have a ventilated floor which has an 8mm high entrance. This is 30cm wide and 25mm deep as per standard warre. Any thoughts on this height. I know a lot are higher, I am not thinking of anti mouse etc or ventilation just for ease of use by the bees. I assume this is ok as that is how the...
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    Best type of Warre frame, bar or part frame ?

    Been discussing this elsewhere and wondered what people here think. I am setting up a warre for next year and was going to use frames and foundation. I have been persuaded otherwise but wondered if anyone had tried the following for comparison. The cut down frames, the lower half removed and a...
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    Feeding bees their own honey do they store or use it

    Trying to find an answer online but all I am getting is bees eat honey. I will be left with 3 dadant frames, maybe, full of honey and pollen having done a move to another hive. Honey from the same bees so after the move I can feed it back to them. Question is will they use it as energy or...
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    Warre Dadant adapter- 3 frames ok ?

    I will be populating a Warre next spring and am making the bits for it. I can buy an established swarm on Dadant frames (would be the same with any similar ones) and wondered if 3 frames in the adapter would work ok. I have made a 5 frame Nuc box that fits on the Warre and that will work ok...
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    New keeper in France starting Warre hives

    Just realised I have posted here but not introduced myself, and my bee related past. About 6 yrs ago A load of bees turned up in a bird roosting box on the end of my garage, naturally I panicked, then calmed down and thought about it. They were there for a few years and eventually the box...
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    Bought in sugar syrup, how long will it keep if unopened.

    Just a general question,do I keep this or give it away. Made up of Glucose : 35%, Fructose 25%, Maltose 20,5% (so it says). They seem to vary a bit but say 12 months storage out of the heat and sun. Just checking, I was due some bees but delayed so I am leaving it till next spring. I bought...
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    Do queens ever mate with own drones on mating flights

    This is an off the wall question, I have missed out this year but intend to have two hives up and running next year. I then thought about this and, as I believe the queen leaves to avoid inbreeding in the swarm, is it likely they could end up with their own drones. I am sure in a grand mellee in...
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    How smal does a gap have to be to stop asian hornets

    Hopefully not as daft a question as it sounds. I have searched everywhere for a minimum size, it just says 5.5mm will exclude them. I believe this will also trap drones inside ? So, bees can get through 5.5mm ok. Drones can get through ?? ok. Asian hornets can get through ?? at a push. Can...
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    Coated new hive with possible insect repellent ?

    Hi, just a quick question on O'Cedar polish I used to coat my new hive. Having checked ingredients and nothing seeming bad, turpentine etc which after a few weeks would evaporate off. I now think it may be a mistake as it still smells, not unpleasant to me, a bit like sawm sappy wood that...
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    First warre, upgrade to crown board and quilt.

    Just replacing a lost colony which was not in an actual hive just an old bird roosing box. Had them 5 years and a long story but now replacing them. So I am now starting with a Warre to keep the bees lightly managed, I won't be taking honey but will keep an eye out for problems. Just done a...