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    Attacked by dogs so w hen would be the best time to move bees?

    Just move now. Shut up the entrances after dark and move them straight away if you can or the early the following morning.
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    Plastic foundation

    My bees just didn’t seem to get on with plastic foundation; very slow to draw it out and would rather expand upwards than sideways. I’ve since binned all the plastic and gone for wax foundation. Bees seem much happier, expanding quicker etc.
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    Too late to put a nuc into a hive?

    A split I made back on 5th July has just reached the stage of being quite strong and filling the nuc. Back in the summer I wouldn’t have hesitated to put it into a hive but with the brood nest now shrinking, I think they’d over-winter better in a full poly nuc than an empty wooden hive. Does...
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    Persistent charged queen cups after merging colonies

    I had a similar situation and left the charged QCs, only for the bees to tear them down and stick with the original queen.