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  1. Wilco

    Heather honey 2022?

    It's so sad when we lose the heather. GWCT doing their bit to try and slow the bandwagon. I'm being optimistic that the recent wildfire on part of the heather near me might bode well for a few years down the line.
  2. Wilco

    August 2022 - Interception of Honey Bee Queens at Dover

    Well that's a shame but well caught NBU.
  3. Wilco

    The war, the bees, russia and the UK

    You don't need exogenous steroids to be a genocidal maniac and suggestions that the decisions he's making are influenced by medication risks shifting some of the blame/culpability for his actions away from Putin. We in the West may not comprehend why Putin is acting as he is but there doesn't...
  4. Wilco

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Moved another hive to the heather site. Nothing quite like carrying a ratcheted shut hive through two gates, two lots of electric fence and over a stock fence, all spread out, in the dark. Beautiful moon though. Didn't spot any meteors but I'm sure we're close to the Pleiades one. Edit, paused...
  5. Wilco

    Bees Wanted Подам безплатно

    Best not to leave it up here as anyone on the internet can find it and use it, not just beekeepers. It's better to just share it with people directly if anyone gets in touch. Sadly you're a bit too far for me. Am I right in thinking that you can speak a little English?
  6. Wilco

    Honey production in Corfu

    I suspect if they have year round forage they may not have the 'make every second count' mentality!
  7. Wilco

    Bees Wanted Подам безплатно

    Translation: Hello everyone, I'm Dmytro from Ukraine, I'm a beekeeper, I live and work (builder, roofer, carpenter) in London, I really like working with bees, I want to buy 1-2 nooks or families, give me advice on where to place bees, I want for free I will help you work with bees, I have...
  8. Wilco

    Vegan honey (honea)!!!!!!!!

    I was tricked into eating some vegan cheese the other day. Showed me how bad supermarket cheese is.
  9. Wilco


    Works on my grown up phone.
  10. Wilco

    Vegan honey (honea)!!!!!!!!

    I don't know that it's any better than livestock farming in terms of accidental deaths. There's still parasite control and the number of deaths per calorie is lower with livestock than bees!
  11. Wilco

    Vegan honey (honea)!!!!!!!!

    Same with livestock farming!
  12. Wilco

    Smokeless inspections

    Spray bottle of water works well. I reckon the smoker sometimes upsets them so they're more twitchy the next time.
  13. Wilco

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Not sure as I only drove by on the Churt road but I think bell is in flower and a hint of ling in places but not masses. I had a bit of comb loose in one box (garden swarm had some wild comb with brood in, I've moved it the other side of the QE so I can discard it when it's all emerged) which...
  14. Wilco

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    My daughters' playhouse.
  15. Wilco

    Vegan honey (honea)!!!!!!!!

    Inulin... Also found in semen. :leaving:
  16. Wilco

    Honey production in Corfu

    If we go to Corfu I will try this. My wife will kill me. It'll be worth it.
  17. Wilco

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Some of the heather is in flower... Fingers crossed although heatwave starting
  18. Wilco

    Sentient bees?

    Now that's a very interesting line of argument... Although that wouldn't be the God of the Abrahamic faiths, still intriguing.
  19. Wilco

    Supers weights

    I use 10L buckets and some of my supers filled one each this year.
  20. Wilco

    The joys of extracting

    Lucky sod with the heather. Serious envy from me!