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  1. East Yorks New Bee

    First Sting of the Year

    Well got my first stings of 2010 yesterday, lovely weather, bees flying well so thought I will put some neopoll (from Rooftops,Great service and fast delivery) on to give them a boost, put my jacket and veil on but no gloves, didn't think I would need then just taking top off and placing...
  2. East Yorks New Bee

    When to start feeding pollen substitute?

    When is the time to start feeding pollen substitute to stimulate a colony to grow??
  3. East Yorks New Bee

    Can Clustered Bee's Be Moved Safely?

    Can bees that are still in a cluster be moved without any detriment to their health/well-being? Might seem a stupid question to some but I don't know the answer. One of my new out apiaries has about 2 acres of snowdrops, crocuses etc... right next door to it, and I was thinking about moving a...
  4. East Yorks New Bee

    Bees Out Flying at 1.4c

    Its 1.4c and sunny here at minute and the bees are out collecting water, cleansing etc...
  5. East Yorks New Bee

    New Brood Boxes

    Just finished some more brood boxes. Also got permission from a local stately home to put a couple of hives in a secluded area of the grounds. Went to meet the estate manager and he showed me the area the lord of the manor and him had thought would be suitable for a couple of hives. it happens...
  6. East Yorks New Bee

    Oxalic Advice Please!!!

    I would like some advice from other members please. I have 2 hives at home and 2 at my allotment, the 2 at home had a lot of varroa drop during apiguard treatment, but the ones at my allotment had no drop. What would the advise be regarding winter oxalic treatment? would I be better to treat all...
  7. East Yorks New Bee


    Well folks, I now understand when people told me that your own honey tastes like nothing else.Extracted my first ever honey today, to call it food of the gods is to do it an injustice. The wife and kids didn't like honey until they tasted our own honey. I don't think my ladies have done bad for...
  8. East Yorks New Bee

    Apiguard and super comb

    Newbie or is it Numpty question, will apiguard taint super comb for next years honey if I left one(empty) on while I treated my hive. Why are you leaving it on some may ask, Because of the number of bees in the hive, the brood box is full of bees and so was the super I have taken off and...
  9. East Yorks New Bee

    Varroa - A Cautionary Tale

    Just to let anyone out there who thinks that a nil varroa count means no varroa, I have been meticulously doing drop counts on my hives since I go them back in June.I have seen no varroa to date. Yesterday I did a drone comb culling and this is what I found.
  10. East Yorks New Bee

    Taking Supers Off

    What is the latest that I can take off a super? The bees are still as busy as ever bringing in pollen and nectar. They are just starting to cap off the honey in the super, there are 8 full frames but not fully capped yet.Advice and opinions please.
  11. East Yorks New Bee

    Attendants in or out

    :confused: I am puzzled, some places say to take atttendants out before intoducing a bought in queen and some say it does'nt matter if you leave them in. Which is it folks? or is it another one of those personal preference things? :svengo:
  12. East Yorks New Bee

    Ants around Hive

    I have just seen a few ants crawling around on one of my hives, how does anyone deal with this :confused:. I am looking for helpful tips please.
  13. East Yorks New Bee

    A Few Pictures of my Girls Shopping Trips

    Just a few pictures taken today of my girls return from foraging trips, and one of my new nucs bees on the contact feeder before I got chance to refill it.
  14. East Yorks New Bee

    My First Attempt at Hive Building

    This is my first attempt at hive building, anyone see any obvious flaws.I know it hasnt got a roof on yet , before any wise a*se comments :svengo: Thought I would build a glass crown board as well as a normal one. You know how us first timers want to keep looking in the hive, least I wont be...