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  1. bees knees

    Failed AS

    2 colonies preparing to swarm recently so did AS on both. One went anyway 3 days later. The other (old q and flying bees half) seemed fine at first, building up and laying well but today saw a couple of sealed q cells and no eggs and so they must have gone too - this one just over 2 weeks after...
  2. bees knees

    Encouraging bees to take honey from supers into brood box

    Hello everyone We have a couple of colonies with some honey in supers. We are thinking of skipping extraction this year. Partly this is because some of the honey is OSR and likely difficult to extract at this point anyway. How can we best encourage the bees to take this honey down into their...
  3. bees knees

    Queen cells sealed at day 6

    Hi Everyone We have a colony that had some early queen cells 6 days ago. We removed them all and inspected again today only to find some sealed queen cells (and some unsealed), no eggs and no queen. Presume they have already swarmed. But did we definitely miss some queen cells last week? Is...
  4. bees knees

    Best time to unite colonies

    We’ve ended up this year with more colonies than we wish to continue with. We have 4 strong colonies. Ideally we want to have 3 to leave sufficient space for swarm control next year. Is it better to unite before winter or overwinter all four and unite early spring if necessary?
  5. bees knees

    Treat and feed at the same time?

    Hello all. It's looking seriously autumnal out there. We took honey off last week. Plan was to treat with apilife var (takes 4 weeks I think) then feed but just wondering if that's all going to be a late in the season. Is there any reason why we can't treat and feed at the same time? Where is...
  6. bees knees


    Am I too late to extract OSR do you think? What's the best method if only a few frames?
  7. bees knees

    Suitable box for a nuc

    Can a nuc be put in a national brood box using a dummy board to make the utilised space smaller? I'm considering making up a nuc from a colony I have done a Demeree on but I don't have a nuc box.
  8. bees knees

    Closing off the hive entrance

    Hello everyone. We need to close off our hive entrances for a few days to get some building work done. How long is it ok to close them off for at this time of year do you think? They have OMF. Thanks.
  9. bees knees

    Swarm mode post demaree

    I have one colony that I did a demaree on. The brood in the top box has now all gone. In the bottom box there is nice brood and eggs and still plenty of space but they seem to have gone into swarm mode - there are a few early q cells with royal jelly in today. Any ideas why this might have...
  10. bees knees

    Post demaree

    After a successful demaree what do you do with the top ex brood box? I've read various suggestions but interested to hear from you guys. I'm finding that before the brood has all gone, they are filling up the space with honey and pretty much ignoring the supers below.
  11. bees knees

    Swarming - help!

    We are just watching our bees swarm unfortunately. We think they already swarmed before inspection a week ago. There are currently 3 separate clumps in a tree and 1 clump at the hive entrance. Is it possible that there are 4 separate swarms with queens each or is it more likely they will...
  12. bees knees


    We did a demaree on all 3 of our colonies 8 days ago to try and prevent swarming. One colony I think we were too late as there were already early charged q cells. Today it looks like they have swarmed leaving lots of q cells behind in both brood boxes. The other 2 colonies look much better -...
  13. bees knees

    Plastic frames

    I've been using a mixture of wooden and plastic frames in my supers (all with wax foundation) and the bees seem less inclined to build out and use the plastic ones. Anyone else had the same issue? Anyone using plastic frames successfully? We originally got them because we have a lot if OSR about...
  14. bees knees


    Just done demaree on 3 colonies. It's the first time I've tried this so feeling a bit nervous. Had a lot of problems with swarming last year so decided to try and prevent it this year. All colonies were pretty full in the BB and one had started building / filling early queen cells which I...
  15. bees knees

    Double brood to prevent swarming

    I use single national brood boxes but have had a pretty swarmy time this year. My bees were from swarms collected last year so in part they may be a swarmy variety but I know I have not managed them as well as I could have. Lets just say its been a steep learning curve. I'm planning to be much...
  16. bees knees

    Can swarm lure in bait hive cause any problems with existing bees in apiary?

    Our bees have seemed a bit on the angry side of late. They definitely have a laying queen and all seems well otherwise. The change in temprament seemed to coincide with us putting out some refurbished hives in the apiary a couple of weeks ago - one of which we set up as a bait hive with some...
  17. bees knees

    yellow dusting on bees

    Some of our bees are coming back with what looks like a yellow dusting of pollen on their backs - much like with the Himalayan Balsam but more yellow in colour. Is this oil seed rape? We have quite a bit of OSR nearby. BK :nature-smiley-016:
  18. bees knees

    Drone laying and queen cells

    I think we have a doomed colony but I am trying to piece together the events that may have led to this. Please let me know what you think has happened. Also, is it definitely doomed and either way, how would you advise we proceed?? We went on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks and came back last week. In...
  19. bees knees

    selling wax (used comb)

    Morning everyone. We have recently acquired a load of used comb which we don't want to use in our hives (because of risk of spreading disease) but dont really have the time to render down ourselves to trade in for foundation. Any other options for selling / trading in? And if we find a buyer -...
  20. bees knees


    Interested to know what experiences beeks have had with woodpeckers over winter. How many people specifically protect their hives with netting? Also, some of what i have read seems to imply that it is green woodpeckers that are the problem specifically - is this the case or are all wooodpeckers...