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  1. JellyBee

    Creosote and bees

    Hope things are ok with the bees However, whether it is creosote or not I would still be livid that someone took it upon themselves to paint the hives with ANYTHING without consulting the other people in the group first Good luck Kaz
  2. JellyBee

    I feel like such a failure :-(

    Kaz, stick with it. I'm still a bit nervy doing my inspections alone but getting used to it. I've pm'd you my phone number, I can get on a couple of buses if you like and go with you. I know I'm a beginner too but together I'm sure we can manage. I can bring my smoker Good luck Ang
  3. JellyBee

    To treat or not to treat?

    OK, sorry for lack of information, I'm still new to the forum and was just seeking some basic advice! It was a nuc of 5 frames from Fragile Planet. They have now expanded to fill 2more frames, hardly any drone brood, lots of worker brood and stores, in a national hive, open mesh floor I...
  4. JellyBee

    To treat or not to treat?

    I've had my bees for almost a month now. I was informed that they had been treated for varroa before I got them. Do I need to do anything now or just leave them to get on with things? And if I need to treat then what's the best way? Thanks for any advice
  5. JellyBee

    Budget Hive - Fragile Planet

    I got my hive, bees and other stuff from FP and found them really helpful on the phone. Also as I already had my bee suit and tool hive they agreed to swap those items in their package for a hive stand, extra ply super, frames and foundation instead and I still ended up paying less than the...
  6. JellyBee

    Garden beekeepers: What are your bees foraging on?

    Still only 3 weeks into beekeeping but I've noticed them on my honeysuckle, borage, and budleias but more on the one that has flowers like yellow balls rather than the big purple one but maybe it's because the yellow one is in full sun and the purple one in shade?
  7. JellyBee

    First sting

    I haven't been stung yet, so still dreading that. What would you advise I keep as a first aid kit? I have some anti-histamine tablets (Zirtek) and Boots anti-histamine cream. Are these good enough I have a reaction to a sting or do I need something else?
  8. JellyBee


    Thank you for all the advice bee-smillie
  9. JellyBee


    okey dokey, thank you - will add the super with no excluder and see how it goes
  10. JellyBee


    Hi, I'm not after honey for me, I just wanted to make sure the bees had enough for over-wintering, the queen excluder was just to make sure no eggs were laid in there
  11. JellyBee

    Seperate new beekeepers forum section ?

    Hello I'm new too and just asked my first question - hopefully not too dumb but have had conflicting advice so thought I'd ask away. The forum looks fine to me, not had a proper trawl through yet but I will and I'm sure I will learn loads. I've done a 2 day course, am reading my third book...
  12. JellyBee


    Hello I've got my first hive and nuc at the end of July and so far they seem to be doing well, there's lots of new brood (started with 5 frames and now 2 more are filling up) I've also been feeding them sugar syrup as advised. Should I now just leave them as they are with the brood box to fill...