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    cup kit system

    Is anybody using the NC cup kit system? I have a few bits that may be useful to somebody- there is a bag of cups, maybe 30 cages, and a dozen or so each yellow and brown cup holders/bar blocks. there are also a few candy caps, which I got from the USA, although I haven't seen the lid to these.
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    candle moulds

    I am just starting to try and make a few candles, and gathering some kit. Does anybody know of a supplier of the 1oz bar moulds (with "beeswax" on) other than thornes? Anybody looking to sell any candle kit, drop me a message- after a steam wax melter, moulds etc. Cheers Mark
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    Apidea cleaning

    Is there any reason not to steam clean apideas?
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    Where is my honey from

    Hi All, What equipment would be needed in order to test honey samples to identify the source? Would it be allowed to say that something is 75% horse chestnut and 25% dandelion, if there was a trace of any other pollen in it? My idea is to put generic labels on (obeying all current legislation)...
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    Jars Wanted

    Hi All, I am looking for approx 150 4oz globe jars. Freeman and Harding make such a jar, but with a huge minimum order quantity... If anybody has any of these that they would be willing to sell me, or knows of a similar jar (the exact design is not...
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    Cell Punches

    If anybody has the desire/set up to make 100 or so of these, please drop me a PM. I would be interested in buying some to sell on my website. I believe that there is a plan on Dave Cushmans site.
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    air tools

    does anybody know about compressors? How small a compressor could I get away with to run small airtools, such as a nailer etc? I am not talking about using it continuously, or professionally etc.
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    Mini Nuc Stocking Instructions

    There are obviously variations to using mininucs, and personal preferences- this is more or less what I do. If anybody wants a pdf copy, which is laid out a bit better, please pm me with email address. Stocking Mininucs Equipment needed: Mininuc Hand Sprayer, filled with water Mug Wax...
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    wired frames

    I am just trying to put wax into wired frames, trying to use a battery charger for the first time. Am I doing something wrong, but nothing seems to be happening when i put the red and black clips to ends of a wire? Could I have a battery charger that prevents this- it is a simple automatic...
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    Has anybody any experience of any of the numerous discount shed suppliers online? I am after a cheap and cheerful 5 x 3 apex for the allotment. Google brings up plenty, but a personal recommendation is always welcomed...
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    Instrumental Insemination courses.

    Anybody know of any Instrumental Insemination courses?
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    Beehives- Postage Rates

    There are a number of people on the forum who make hives for sale, either here, on ebay or elsewhere. Is there any appetite if I can negotiate rates for reduced postage for the benefit of all? To just go to the post office and take the standard rate would probably make it prohibitive. If...
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    Imagine this... You have a drone laying queen in a hive, merrily laying away, each and every egg male. For some reason, you want to keep her going. If you were to add frames of eggs from another hive, would the bees be able to recognise that she had not layed them, and attempt to superceed, or...
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    wooden box

    We have a wide range of different skills within the forum, and it seems to have more than its fair share of creative people. I am looking for somebody to make a wooden ring box for a ring that I have bought. I want something contemporary, rather than the traditional flip open type. Is this...
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    I have been looking through the various garden catalogues. Has anybody used nematodes for keeping the slugs down? I would like to get away from using slug pellets. any thoughts?
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    Good evening Some wax melting questions. Ignoring old brood combs, how do people deal with wax from brace comb etc. I seem to be gathering a reasonable amount. Are the electric wax melters such as the kochstar from Thornes any good, or a waste of money? Can anybody recommend any models? It...
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    I am just painting up my collection of mininucs with various odds and sods of old paint. What colours can bees see- Blue and yellow ring a bell, but are there others that are useful for identifying their hive?
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    Painting Polyhives

    Good Morning, I am sure that this has been answered, but I cannot find the thread. What type of paint should I use to paint polyhives with? I assume that it is just the exterior and the inside of the floor? Thanks Mark
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    I have a radial stainless extractor which I bought second hand. It is on red legs and has a yellow cradle on the inside which will also take screens. it is pretty distinctive, but has no makers label on it. It is a good quality extractor. My problem is that it requires a new nylon gear and I...
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    Do I remember somebody at Stoneleigh selling plastic frames? Does anybody know who it was.