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  1. pargyle

    Cleaning Wax from Honey strainers

    I just scrape out the majority and then rinse the strainer with cold water a few times ... it's usually just honey residue holding it together, once you have washed off the honey with cold water it's fairly easy to get the remnants of wax out of the strainer.
  2. pargyle

    Just for some fun.... an excuse to smile.

    Like it ....there's a few posts that have gone on holiday to the cupboard under the stairs .... Wilco's thread ... feel free to add to it there ... :)
  3. pargyle

    Just for some fun.... an excuse to smile.

    I tell my veggie friends that the delicious pork sausage rolls I make come entirely from vegan pigs ....
  4. pargyle

    The joys of extracting

    Not a very good year for you then Mark ? You won't see a return on your investment in a 100 hives with that sort of return. The heather is not going to be much either by all accounts. Still you've done well ... I'm looking at between 200 and 300lbs from my little apiary if they don't eat it all...
  5. pargyle

    Large bee, any ideas on ID?

    Hornet mimic hoverfly I think ....
  6. pargyle

    The war, the bees, russia and the UK

    Good to hear you are still safe Podilia ... I can't begin to imagine what it's like living with the continual threat of missiles ... we all wish you well ... at least your wildlife and your bees seem to be benefitting from the awful situation you have over there .... it's a small silver lining.
  7. pargyle

    Vevor extractors

    I think the ones I got were 4mm .... but see post above.
  8. pargyle

    Vevor extractors

    I've got about 48 stainless 4mm bearings somewhere that I had to buy when I lost my bearing ..... I'll have a look and see if I can find them and let you all know .. if I can find them I'm happy to send them out for the cost of postage and few pence to cover my costs .... If they are anywhere...
  9. pargyle

    Honey label petition

    If they reach a 100,000 signatures the Government are required to consider/debate the content of the petition ... not many reach that goal I'm afraid.
  10. pargyle

    Vevor extractors

    I think you deserve the T-shirt, the book and the movie for that one ... these stories about ball bearings made me laugh tonight ... the extractor suppliers don't tell you and you find out too late .... and you have to buy a pack of 50 to replace the one you lost .... I have the remainder of my...
  11. pargyle

    where has Hivemaker's 'sticky' post with thymol receipe gone ? tried searching but cannot find it.THANKS

    Here ... there's a Stickies section now:
  12. pargyle

    Starting a one frame nuc. Too late?

    So ... where is this 'SPARE' queen at present, where has she come from and is she laying where she is ? I'm with JBM ... it's a recipe for a robbing fest ...or wasp attack .... there's not going to be enough bees to defend the hive or potentially even nurse any new brood and you would be...
  13. pargyle

    Vevor extractors

    You might find a looped cable tie or a stainless steel ring to hold the top lug of the frame in place helps. I used to get 8 super frames in my four frame extractor by doing that and never had a problem with the frames slipping during extraction.
  14. pargyle

    Vevor extractors

    That's very creative ... if you had bent the ruler into W shapes so that they sat over the bottom bar and put a small stainless bolt through the centre of the W you could save on the welding and the mod is reversible. Like the idea though ...brilliant, So many talented lateral thinkers on here...
  15. pargyle

    Aggressive bees

    So ... did you use clearer boards to get the bees out of the supers first ? What time of day did you take the supers off ? Or were you just taking a few frames out of the supers ? Bees can get a bit uspet when you take their stores but I find that as long as I've cleared the supers and I...
  16. pargyle

    Cost of sugar or fondant 2022

    Blimey Neil .... I'm just thinking what a job mixing up HALF A TON of sugar to 2:1 is going to be....Finnie has an old style washing top loading washing machine ... what's your method ?
  17. pargyle

    Cost of sugar or fondant 2022

    It's about time, convenience and the fact that I feed late when the Ivy is flowing and they seem to take it down better than 2:1 that late in the year ... and of course I'm not a proper beekeeper ! If I had a lot of hives the savings would make more sense and mixing my own would be more likely.
  18. pargyle

    Honey label petition

    I've signed it and we all should - it may not be perfect but the reality is that there is a benefit to British Beekeepers ... if you look at the detail of the petition on the Goverment website it makes it pretty clear even if the headline is a bit vague. "Fully review the honey market and Honey...
  19. pargyle

    Equipment Wanted Accepting credit / debit card payments for Honey.

    It needs you to enter the amount to be paid into your mobile phone which then connects to the zettle for contactless or pin card payment ... I'm not sure how that would work with an honesty box ...= Although zettle is owned by paypal it is at arms length and everyone I've come across that use...
  20. pargyle

    My 2 hives

    Welcome ... looking like a good year for your honey crop ... I'd worry about that stand as well ! Some CLS from Wickes and a few screws .... easily rectified and the last thing you want is your bees all over the floor if the stand gives way ,... Plenty of good designs found on here.