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  1. LeaBees

    DLW - clustering

    Hi Have a colony that is a DLW one. Shook them out but are clustering. Am 99.9999% sure there is no queen and wouid prefer not to have a random cluster of bees in the apiary. Any advice on how to get them to breakup and beg into other hives? Thanks
  2. LeaBees

    Untidy buildout

    Hi, Put some drawn super frames from last season on colony when flow started last week. Good news is they are filling and part capping some. Bad news is they are building out the super frames in creative ways and adding brace comb between supers etc.. I didn't get this with the new foundation...
  3. LeaBees

    Last resort

    Not something I am keen to do but a weak colony with DLQ and also cbpv needs to be dealt with. I don’t want to shake them out in the apiary so am considering euthanising the colony. I have heard water with washing detergent should be poured onto the frames, but not how much and if it suits a OMF...
  4. LeaBees

    Old frames for bait hive

    One of my '22 "to-do's" is set up a bait hive. I have a couple of old dark frames that came from a demaree last season which I wanted to use. Some very light wax moth damage, but don't imagine that's an issue. Only potential problem is a few (5-10% give or take) of the cells are "wet" (glisten...
  5. LeaBees

    Queen failure spring plan

    Coming to conclusion that one of my hives has gone through winter Q- or with a failed Q following a very late attempt at supercedure/swarming. When I come to confirm this in spring what should i do with the remaining bees? Shake them out or something else? Thanks
  6. LeaBees

    Late season queen cells!

    Took the opportunity to check on a hive while topping up feed. Just wanted to see brood to stores ratio, but ended up spotting a handful of capped queen cells as well :eek: . I didn't go hunting for the queen, as I would have at a different time of the season, and seeing as I can't imagine a...
  7. LeaBees

    Soda / bicarb

    Hi, Is there a reason sodium bicarbonate is the recommended cleaning agent for tools etc? Not wanting to blindly do things because it’s the way its always been done, I’m trying to understand why not just fairy liquid or some more modern detergent? I imagine soda/bicarb was all that was available...
  8. LeaBees

    Early morning robbing, orientation or something else..?

    Not an especially nice morning weather wise; about 8am, cloudy, mid-teens temp 1 of my hives has an unusual amount of activity at the entrance. At another time of year I would say there was a strong flow on somewhere as the number of bees trying to get in/darting out resembles that. I'm pretty...
  9. LeaBees

    Feed additive

    A fellow local new beekeeper highlighted this to me as recently being offered to him from T's. Mineral Bee Worth discussing? I'm sure a lot of new (and probably experienced) keepers are thinking about ways to get colonies through as best as possible. More snake-oil or not?
  10. LeaBees

    End of flow signs/actions

    Bearing in mind this is 1st season… when main flow ends will the bees start tucking into the supers? What are the key signs to look for? And should boxes (or individual frames) be removed to avoid this?
  11. LeaBees

    Some advice please - cbpv?

    Hi all Been noticing increased numbers of dead bees outside hive over last few days. Caused a bit of concern naturally as other hives not showing anywhere near number of deadfall. Scooped a bunch of dead bees and noticed consists of predominantly drones, but still… Been reading about cbpv and...
  12. LeaBees

    Queens - what comes first?

    Which comes first in the creation of a queen in a queen cell - the royal jelly or the egg ? Regular inspection found me checking out and squishing what I thought (and still think) was a queen cup at the bottom of a frame (I squish them so I know when and which ones are new), and it could have...
  13. LeaBees

    End of a flow

    Beginner question, but what should be expected at the end of a flow period? With Hawthorn seemingly going over and activity around the hives seems to be much reduced, do the bees continue the production/capping of honey or start consuming the nectar they have stored? Is that what happens in the...
  14. LeaBees

    Filling broodbox

    With the change in weather lots of nectar & pollen being brought into that was a installed nuc. Seeing several of the frames in bbox getting filled with stores. Queen laying but thinking this could block laying space in the bbox. Would removing some of the stores frames and replacing with...
  15. LeaBees

    Worker or Drone comb, does it matter?

    Quick question; About to reduce space in a hive that has 2 supers, top one a BBox as a super and a regular small box. Early this year the colony drew out and and part filled mostly foundation-less frames in the BBox super at which point I added a regular super below it (both still above a QX)...
  16. LeaBees

    Queenless cluster?

    A question for the more experienced forum members. Do queenless bees cluster ? Specifically, if a small queenless hive is shaken out of their box in an apiary, will they prefer to cluster together somewhere over begging entrance to a nearby hive? Thanks
  17. LeaBees

    Open colony

    This colony spotted high up in a tree in woods. Apparently have been there a while and are still very active. Amazing they have survived with such exposed comb. To my beginner eyes, colour and size suggests they have been there a while?
  18. LeaBees

    Prophylactic treatment?

    On getting additional nucs or hives (swarm etc), do you guys recommend a treatment course, of say vaping, to knock back any potential high varroa loads before they get fully settled? What do you guys do/recommend? Assuming only 1 apiary site with no access to a "quarantine apiary". Thanks
  19. LeaBees

    Miner Bee?

    Son spotted this today in the grass. Believe it is a miner bee. Was struggling so was given a helping hand with some sugar/syrup and a warm spot. Right thing or let loose as soon as possible?
  20. LeaBees

    Wax moth

    Hi Have noticed on a couple of occasions now, wax moth larvae beneath the OMF of a hive. Latest in image attached. Does evidence of larvae outside of the hive indicate a problem inside? Are the bees turfing them out or simply feeding/breeding on the cappings on ground beneath OMF ? Thoughts and...