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    Buying Bees

    :iagree: Nothing ventured...
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    New swarm!

    On the frame with the largest single Q cell there appears to be some capped worker brood, if so then the Q cell probably contains a female larva. Maybe destroy other apparent Q cells and see what happens.
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    June Gap

    Does anyone get honey from elder?
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    How can I spot robbers

    I have been told to dust suspected robbers with icing sugar and then try to spot them landing at another hive entrance
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    June Gap?

    Working on hawthorn; holly, blackberry and raspberry in bud. Sycamore nearly finished.
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    What are your bees foraging on this week?

    Dandelion and cherry, mostly; brilliant yellow wax.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    ''He also said people rear :eek: wax moth as fishing bait. Is that true? Maybe we could start a beekeeper-fishermen war,'' why not try 'I plant himalayan balsam' as a starter.
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    A good winter

    Looking good here too, particularly considering the huge amount of rain. Everything has been saturated here all winter; we can hardly believe in the predicted drought.
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    bees and chickens

    Our bantams (and dogs) run free round the hives- no problems yet.
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    Bees and apples

    Last year my bees went mad for fallen plums a few yards from the hive.
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    big problems...

    Has anyone used varroa gard in winter to good effect? How was it applied?
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    Maisemoore sale tomorrow

    What's the main problems with M's frames?
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    spraying the himalayan balsam

    Jan and Feb may be the ideal time for the hedge, but not necessarily for the adjacent field, which is often waterlogged and vulnerable to damage from heavy machinery.
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    Bl**dy mice

    If rats want to, they can chew through 3/4'' boards in a single night; but I have'nt heard of them going into hives.
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    Bl**dy mice

    No mice left round here, rats have driven them out.
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    Lets look ahead.

    1. Split one of my colonies into 3 or 4 nucs- 1 or 2 to give to new starters. 2. Build up other colony so we get to taste our own honey at last. 3. Catch a swarm.
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    Does anyone use lactic acid?

    How long you keep yours, Finman?
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    Natural beekeeping varroa treatment

    It seems to me that most people who have had bad varroa infestations leading to sickly and dying colonies are unlikely to want to try the no treatment route in future, whatever the advice given about resistant strains (of bees) etc. The opposite is likely to apply to anyone lucky enough not...
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    Natural beekeeping varroa treatment

    If apiguard is used in autumn then sterile drones produced will not often be needed for mating at that time of year; or is the suggestion that drones produced the following season will also be sterile?
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    Natural beekeeping varroa treatment

    Surely warm air will rise from the top of the open hive even if the combs are not moved, taking with it brood nest "scent", etc