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  1. thorn

    Honey dryer

    My bee buddy and I have three apiaries. one has given us honey that's measured at 19.3%, and I'd like to reduce it. even The least expensive honey dryer appears to cost more than £3,000. Does anyone have one they'd like to rent? i've about 60kg of honey I'd like to reduce.
  2. thorn

    Apivar clarification

    I'm about to put apivar strips in my hives. The instructions say it should be used when the supers are not on the hives. Could someone clarify whether this means when the supers containing honey that you intend to harvest have been removed. Can you use it when you've nadired? Is the instruction...
  3. thorn

    New section

    I was sterilising my jars this morning and wondered why no-one had raised anything about it this year. I used the search function (very good, much better than before) to see when it was last discussed and discovered that there was a thread on it that was live as recently as last Sunday, but...
  4. thorn

    4 frame manual extractor

    Simon the Beekeeper 4 frame manual extractor for sale. About 6 years old (I can't remember exactly). Good condition and works well. £75 ono. Collect/deliver only, so you need to be in driving distance of Leeds.
  5. thorn

    Health and safety

    For about eight years I've had hives on my air raid shelter roof, about eight feet up and accessed by a ladder. It didn't feel unsafe. On one side there's a huge cupressus, and the other there was a Wendy house, and behind that soft soil covered in brambles. To the rear was a privet hedge. So...
  6. thorn

    Good quality frames

    I'm not much good at woodworking, but I am able to assemble frames reasonably well. However, the lot I'm assembling at the moment are very poor, and make the job take twice as long as it should. I don't know where they came from. My bee buddy sourced them. I'll get the next lot. Who's selling...
  7. thorn


    I found queens in two of my hives this morning and marked them both. The first I let back onto a frame in the brood box, and all was well. The second was from a hive I decided to snelgrove, there being a couple of charged queen cells in the brood box. I prepared a second brood box with new...
  8. thorn

    8.00 tonight

    It ain't bees, but don't forget to applaud.
  9. thorn

    A fool and his money

    Found in the RHS magazine, The Garden. gardenersbeehive.com. £235 for something that is neither functional nor ornamental.
  10. thorn

    Let's spread the news

    I looked at the Cottage Delight honey being sold for £4 for 260g in the RHS shop at Harlow Carr on Saturday. It was a "blend of EU and non-EU honey". I expected better from the RHS. I've put this on my Facebook page and it's getting a few shares. I've also put about blended honey, at both Harlow...
  11. thorn

    Any Wakefield beekeepers here?

    A neighbour came to see me on Sunday, telling me he thinks he saw a nest of Asian hornets near the boat house at Newmillerdam. The authorities understandably don't want to go and look without a photo or specimen. I'm about an hour from Newmillerdam. If there's anyone closer who could check it...
  12. thorn

    They won't move up

    I have one hive that's bursting with bees, but they won't move up. I've tried two different supers, with foundation from different sources. I've removed the QX, but they still won't go up. I've been expecting to find swarm preparations, but no, they're not thinking of swarming, either. They...
  13. thorn

    Snelgrove method

    I've been looking at the Barnsley Beekeepers explanation of the snelgrove method of swarm control. It doesn't seem to provide for stores for the upper brood box, save for those in that box. Should not a super containing stores be put on the top of the stack, as well as one above the new brood box?
  14. thorn

    Our patron saint

    I read in today's newspaper that yesterday was the day of the patron saint of beekeepers, St Haralampi. On a long ago 10th February he caught and imprisoned the personification of the plague. He's associated with us because of honey's healing properties. So now you know what to call your firstborn.
  15. thorn

    Reducing the moisture content

    I've taken the honey from my country hives, but the town bees are being very slow to cap. There are two or three full, but not wholly capped supers on each hive, and all of them with very few frames fully capped and most only half capped. I checked the moisture content in a few frames...
  16. thorn


    We took five supers off two weeks ago, and stored them in polythene sacks in my bee buddy's house. We came to start extracting today, to find that a wax moth had got in, and its larvae were infesting frames in four of the supers. Should we junk the lot, junk the infested frames or just cut the...
  17. thorn

    A great relief

    There’s been EFB in west and north Leeds. The bee inspector came to check our apiary a few weeks ago, and all was well. But last week my bee buddy and I spotted something not quite right in the brood box. The season had been going well, but was all going to crumble around us? We contacted the...
  18. thorn


    My (almost) namesake’s Vapmite, at £35, sits next to a £360 one in their online shop. And just below it is another selling at over £100. I’m considering getting it. What are the disadvantages of buying the Vapmite rather than a more expensive vaporiser?
  19. thorn

    Is it just me

    Or is it an odd year? After a long, cold spring, the colonies seem to have sprung into life extraordinarily quickly. They’re bigger than they normally are at this time of year, and have filled the supers more rapidly as a result.
  20. thorn

    Bees turned bad tempered

    I’ve three hives in a friend’s orchard. One swarmed on Sunday. Today I got a call to tell me that the bees have suddenly, overnight, become bad tempered, going for anyone and anything in the vicinity. Could it be the queenless colony. Alternatively, there’s OSR about half a mile away. Could...