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  1. thorn

    Apivar clarification

    I've now received clarification from Veto-Pharma. If you only leave the supers on for the bees over winter, it's okay. If you want extra reassurance, use the comb for brood in the spring (or in my case I'll probably use the wax for candles).
  2. thorn

    Get yourself stung. it's good for you?

    Are you sure it's not asbestos you're thinking about? That's a well documented problem.
  3. thorn

    Attacked by dogs so w hen would be the best time to move bees?

    To deviate further, back in the 1980s I defended Arthur Scargill's cousin in a dangerous dog case. I sent my articled clerk into the waiting room at the Barnsley Magistrates Court to call "Is Mr Scargill here?" The reaction from the packed room was wonderful. The articled clerk never forgave me.
  4. thorn

    What would you do, 3 Q- colonies

    Interestingly, last week I had two colonies without eggs or brood in any stage. Obviously queenless, thought I. What shall I do? i gave myself a few days to think it through. I'm glad I did. There are Now loads of eggs in both hives. And I've spotted the queens. Don't make your move too soon.
  5. thorn

    Missing Queen

    Yesterday I found two hives to be without brood or eggs, save for a few sealed cells. If there's no change by the middle of next week I'll need to bring frames of eggs from one of my other apiaries. Both are about a thirty minute drive away. What's the best way of transporting a frame?
  6. thorn

    Very sticky hive problem

    All of my hive in all three apiaries, have produced much more propolis than usual, to the extent that my bee buddy is now harvesting it. Could it be caused by the weird weather this summer?
  7. thorn

    Honey at 20%

    If your container is sealed, it defeats the object. How can the moisture get out? Take the lid off and drape a thin cloth across the container.
  8. thorn

    Apivar clarification

    I did ask the question of Veto-Pharma, who I believe produce Apivar, but they ignored it.
  9. thorn

    Can you recommend a good beekeeping YouTube channel?

    I find Gwenyn Gruffydd's beekeeping videos interesting and useful. I don't follow the farming side of his output. I also follow Black Mountain Honey.
  10. thorn

    Apivar clarification

    The New Zealand Apivar website says it is recommended that it is used when the honey supers are not present so as to convey the image of honey as a natural product. This, and in particular the reference to the shallows as "honey supers" suggest to me that the use of Apivar when supers not...
  11. thorn

    The season isn't over yet

    The bees have been hitting the Japanese anemones hard for a month now. I don't know how much they get from them. The brambles were good, the lime a washout. it's been a strange season. Days of heavy rain in the late winter and early spring, then drought, then since July rain for at least half of...
  12. thorn

    Honey dryer

    My bee buddy and I have three apiaries. one has given us honey that's measured at 19.3%, and I'd like to reduce it. even The least expensive honey dryer appears to cost more than £3,000. Does anyone have one they'd like to rent? i've about 60kg of honey I'd like to reduce.
  13. thorn

    Queen in super

    Perhaps it's the bees' way of telling you to forget about QXs entirely and try the Rose method.
  14. thorn

    Apivar clarification

    But as all the honey in the nadired super will be consumed over the winter, that won't get into the food chain either. The cells are already drawn to the wax won't be contaminated by it.
  15. thorn

    Apivar clarification

    I'm about to put apivar strips in my hives. The instructions say it should be used when the supers are not on the hives. Could someone clarify whether this means when the supers containing honey that you intend to harvest have been removed. Can you use it when you've nadired? Is the instruction...
  16. thorn

    Electric Extractor advice please

    I am.
  17. thorn

    So, what now?

    Explain please. The two words alone are meaningless.
  18. thorn

    So, what now?

    Not always.
  19. thorn

    So, what now?

    Do you not accept that some bees have a swarm tendency and will go whatever you do?
  20. thorn

    Views on this extractor for my expected future needs

    I have the same number of productive hives as you, and I have a 12 frame extractor, used for the first time this season. It's rather large, difficult to store and manoeuvre. With hindsight I should have got a nine framer. I always find the slowest part of harvesting is in the uncapping, and...