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    Half for you and half for me.

    For those of you who like to ridicule natural beekeeping, have a look at the the review of the Oscar nominated Honeyland documentary. Not a bag of sugar in sight.
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    Buzz Saw Calamity

    How frustrating! A road side tree that I know of has been home to a feral colony for at least the past 5 years. I have kept an eye on it and have also taken a swarm from it in the past. Recent high winds felled the tree but the break point of the trunk was fortunately above the colony so they...
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    Split Brood Method

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I have read an account somewhere from Tim Rowe of the method he employs at the time of the spring build up with his OSB Rose Hives. He mentions splitting the brood in two by adding a third box between the existing two boxes of brood. (Not sure if there...
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    Frames & Foundation

    Sorry in case you missed the tail end of my last post on 30th July. I was asking if anyone would care to give an opinion as to why they think frames and foundation are of benefit to the bee? Thanks again.
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    Top Bar Hives?

    Hello, Just been looking at a 3-page post on this forum regarding opinions as to the use of TBH’s. However I am unable to find much info on why TBH’s might be less beneficial to the bees than a framed hive. I, m sure this question has probably been discussed previously at some length on here...