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    Pollen loads

    What do pollen loads tell you? some hives very small others massive with the bees struggling to walk in, yet in most cases the the overall performance is the same!
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    New treatment

    Anything known about this...
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    QX plus

    Trying to figure out this?
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    how to mute another poster

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    General Election

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    Solid osr

    I have a super of osr gone solid, what to do? If I cut it into a bucket and heat, will the wax and honey seperate? No suggestions on purchasing crazy priced equipment please.
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    Mann Lake postage

    I was asked at checkout fo £17.50 postage. ( to Nr.Ireland) My purchase was 2 Superboost. Crazy! Needless to say, cancelled:icon_204-2:
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    Eat more honey

    So you thought you knew everything about honey?? Nothing there about diabetes though.
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    High density Polystyrene

    Anyone know if/where sheets of hd polystyrene can be bought, the same quality as mini nucs.
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    Problem with Skype

    When I try to open Skype I get a fatal error message, "Failed to get proc address for GetLogical Processor Information (Kernel 32.dll)" All double D to me. Is there a PC guru in the house who can help please.
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    I am bombarded with it lately, I suspect that this is the culprit, It came up when I googled my email address. What can i do??:sos::offtopic:
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    Rosebay Willowherb (Fireweed)

    I Propogated this plant by sowing bits of root and this worked great, I got good strong reproductions with millions of seeds blowing everywhere, however the seeds did'nt reproduce true, just a variation of the original. They had only a fraction of the flowers, nothing like the spearhead of...
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    Bid four bees

    I get a blank screen when I click ???
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    Dont drop that bucket

    I came across this on Forces Reunited:eek:
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    Does anyone know if this system is on sale in UK. Th**nes have discontinued them. The manufacturers web site ( is shut down
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    Ready for takeoff

    I would you to meet my friend Jim.aged 80+ A lifelong beekeeper with CDB hives, producing square sections only. Note the navigation aid for the bees.
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    Travelling/Introduction Cage

    I am looking for the cage with two food compartments that allow the bees limited access to the Queen before she is released. These are very common in Eastern Europe but the suppliers in these parts dont seem to stock them. Anyone any ideas?