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  1. J

    Using a mister instead of a smoker????

    Either the light of the moon or white/blue light from LED torches - that's all the local beekeepers have. The price of equipment is probably the biggiest limiting factor to introducing modern beekeeping techniques to the developing world.
  2. J

    Using a mister instead of a smoker????

    thanks thank you everyone, what a great forum:) - a few comments - if it works so well, why doesn't everyone do it? Does the fact that we are working with Kenyan topbar hives change things? The topbars all but up against each other, only leaving escape space where you remove individual bars. We...
  3. J

    Using a mister instead of a smoker????

    Hi, This is my first posting and it may sound like an odd question - we are working in the Gambia with rural beekeepers where one of the biggest problems is bush fires created by irresponsible use of fire. A Peace Corps leader has told us that they have used a fine mist from a house-hold...