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    Jars prices on the rise

    More than jars on the way up! I think these strips were 11stg the last time I looked. Produced in Poland (EU)
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    "Survivor bees" found in Blenheim Forest

    AND, this time of year he parties a lot with the PM Sanna
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    What Inspires Me

    Congratulations to all Michael, another beekeeper is born.
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    Hi from Belgium

    Welcome Jos, What strain of bee is most common in Belgium?
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    Warming cabinet heater.

    As above but with a 60w ceramic heat emitter
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    I think he is talking about the choir, not the bedroom?
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    British Black Bee

    And so say all of us! He should get more recognition for his subtleness and diplomacy.
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    British Black Bee

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    British Black Bee

    Comparing/judging colonies in mid winter?? The Clouseau in me thinks " agent provocateur "
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    (DCA's) the honey bees of the British Isles

    Dcas pre date apiaries, under natural conditions colonies would be dispersed according to viability of the area. The development of modern beekeeping has confused things somewhat
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    Hive wood treatment ?

    Is the new formula cresote not up to the job?
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    It looks like nihbs have a four hive Green Party senator working for them?
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    Aficionados of oxalic sublimation

    Agree, sublimation, trickle, and now on a strip with glycerine with the same efficacy.
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    Dead lavae and bees

    I make syrup with cold water, leave it to soak then agitate, ( using old upright twin tub)The difference in price for 25kg sack of caster/granulated was less than 1 pound in cash and carry
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    Dead lavae and bees

    While on the subject of sugar! Am I correct in thinking that caster sugar dissolves easier (smaller granules) than the normal granulated stuff.
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    Western Europe Heatwave 2021

    30c is too much for me, always looking for shade, I notice the bee numbers at the water are increasing by the day, I think we are approaching drought conditions. A few hours of heavy rain would extend the flow, as the blackberry hasn't peaked yet.
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    I was there a few weeks ago but I had an old queen in a kieler 'pending.' I introduced her using the cage with two food boxes and she was accepted and is still there laying away. It pays to hold on to these old queens if possible, at least untill the end of the season.
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    Supercedure and swarm cells at the same time

    If scout bees at bait hives are anything to go by, the process can take weeks another factor not always considered by beekeepers is the patrilines of the colony, probably the most important (to the bees) aspect of queen selection.
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    Amazing series of films about skep beekeeping in Germany

    In uk, the milkman going round to the back door meant one thing, nookies!