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    BBKA - A Manifesto for Change

    Ours tends to keep that sort of thing to themselves it appears. My questioning of a committee member on the source of 'revenue' was removed from a facebook account.....all kept under wraps down our way. The sad thing is that I seem to be the only one that sees this sort of thing slightly...
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    BBKA - A Manifesto for Change

    In my experience...some associations seem to be run by the committee, for the committee. They do like their little cliques don't they?:)
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    6 frame over wintered nuc near me is £300-00 inc poly box. Beat that !! 1/2lb jar of honey £6-00 ! Some people are just greedy I guess.:)
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    How do we protect our native bee species

    Perhaps I should have put the word Buckfast in quotes to show it was the claim of the poster and not a fact or my opinion? :)
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    How do we protect our native bee species

    Some profess to be breeding and improving the native bee. Then sells buckfast queens on this forum! Smart! No purity attempts are going to get close whilst we keep on allowing imported queens. Lets be honest, how many Buckfast Queens are ACTUALLY bred here? Just my little rant! :)
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    Pollen storage

    If the frames containing pollen are to the sides where it is cold and possibly damp, that is away from the 'warmer' position of being near to the cluster, it may go mouldy. Often found with a small cluster that is struggling to keep warm due to reduced numbers. Just from what I have seen, not a...
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    Insemination of queen , video

    You'll be fine....your over 18 so it's legal! ;)
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    Insemination of queen , video

    Brilliant video Finman. Nice find!:)
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    LASI oxalic acid sublimation

    The battery of that size should last for a good few hives and have enough to start a jumbo jet! I prefer a 'lighter' bettery myself. :)
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    Hive stands

    Thanks, might just do! :)
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    Hive stands

    Neat idea!
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    Spawn in November

    Slugg eggs.:)
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    Ibuprofen in syrup mix?

    Ibuprofen was only discovered in the 1950's and was only available in 1969! So the 'old beekeeper' who told this guy about it can't have been that old! B*ll*cks me thinks!:)
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    The end of the world... is nigh

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    The end of the world... is nigh

    Is it worth doing another varroa treatment then?:)
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    English honey?

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    English honey?

    :puke: :puke::)
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    Is using the ignore function good for the soul, discuss.

    Seems to me you don't need an ignore button. If you see a poster that you want to ignore just use your judgement and pass over that particular poster. Nature provided a brain for us to make these decisions. It's one of its functions. Although not having one myself, I do stuggle sometimes.:)
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    English honey?

    Love your nail varnish, Millet!:D:)
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    Which oxalic acid?