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    Need a queen! HELP!

    Hello everyone. I know this is very late in the year but does anyone have a mated queen available? :hairpull: Id be very happy if there is one around thanks :)
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    Bee Food Patty

    OK everyone. I'll try and keep this as simple and uncomplicated as I can. Basically for unexpected circumstances I have had to make up a patty using 30% goldren Syrup 35% sugar 25% plain flour The reason for this thread is I am not too sure whether I can feed my bees this patty I have made...
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    Bees in winter

    I am sorry if this is a very silly idea. But just a just question everybody. I am a novice bee-keeper and I thinking of rearing bees for myself very soon. However in winter the problems I can think of is not only the cold but the damp which might get inside the hives and cause disease in the...