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  1. Michael 365

    dead bees

    A happy new year to everyone! I noticed exactly the same thing with my hives; looks like the girls have taken advantage of a slight rise in temprature to do a bit of tidying up. A quick peek under the roof, to check out the fondant blocks shows that the colony appears quite strong and active...
  2. Michael 365

    Bees not taking syrup with thymol

    Thymol in feed I had a similar experience to this;when I checked back,I had accidentally put too much thymol/surgical spirit solution in the feed. I removed the feed,cleaned up the feeder, put it back on with the correct mix in,and the Girls started feeding straight away. Rather...
  3. Michael 365

    An Inspector calls ....

    Dear All, Darren 64 remarked that'if you don't join an association, they (the inspectors) don't know you exist' or words to that effect. My understanding is that the way to bring yourself to the inspectors attention is to register on Beebase; they will then know you are out there. If there is...
  4. Michael 365

    Cordless Phones

    Dear All, Thanks for your responses; you have certainly given me some ideas. The phone is white, by the way; I'll certainly be experimenting but think I'll veil up before any experimentation! They certainly seem to make a bee line (sorry....couldn't resist....)for the phone when its...
  5. Michael 365

    Cordless Phones

    Good evening, everybody, and heres hoping for a good weekend all round. The topic I wish to bring up concerns Cordless phones..... Domestic phones, with a base unit and hand unit that you can take out into the garden etc., rather than mobiles. A couple of weeks ago, I took a call on my...
  6. Michael 365

    Do you use a smoker for quick jobs?

    Smoking I was taught by my mentor to use as little smoke as possible, as it stresses the girls. He recommended, however, having the smoker lit and 'ready to go' (if you use old hessian sacking, you will find they burn a long time, but have it away from the hive, yet within easy reach (if you...
  7. Michael 365

    Garden beekeepers: What are your bees foraging on?

    Foraging bees Skyhook, Completely in agreement with you; I look on HB in a different light since beginning beekeeping! If the girls like it, then its ok with me! Not sure that I would want it in my garden though; attractive as it is! Regards, Michael
  8. Michael 365

    Garden beekeepers: What are your bees foraging on?

    Foraging Bees My bees are foraging heavily on Himalayan Balsam...there's masses of it around an old mill reservoir about 400 yards from my apiary. They come back looking like ghosts, or they have white stripes on their backs. Sorry, not sure of the soil type, but the plant seems to grow...
  9. Michael 365

    Black Wasps

    Steve, looks very much like a hornet to me...... Michael