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    Buying Buckfast 2020 Queens

    BS honeybees buckfast have always been good quality when I've ordered and customer service is also very prompt and helpful.
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    LimeWatch UK

    Agreed, hives in Walthamstow and Wanstead overflowing! Privet and bramble is my guess.
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    Integrated Honey Warming Cabinet

    I wired a length of mains extension plug female socket to the power output of the temp controller, I then plugged a USB charger plug into that and bought 4 fans that can be linked in series from the one socket. The other socket runs from the heater...
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    Integrated Honey Warming Cabinet

    That was part of my inspiration. Abelo have a wooden one for 2 30lb buckets for £600... Mine takes 6 buckets and probably cost in total around £400... The wood and insulation being the costliest parts. I'm using the elitech e1000 controller...
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    Demaree method

    Can you just put a snelgrove between the two brood boxes with 2 different queens? will they not attempt a ruck through the gauze or QE?
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    Demaree method

    If you are running a snelgrove on a two queen hive following swarm control, do you super between the two brood boxes or run supers above the top brood box as well as the bottom? do bees from the top box move down to bottom fairly freely considering the small queen excluded gap in the board...
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    Integrated Honey Warming Cabinet

    I can help with advice on things if anyone wants to build something bigger/better. The temperature controller with button to control fans is my favourite part as i can accurately control temperature and it is really tidy. I use one greenhouse heater and on a test run with no honey it took the...
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    Integrated Honey Warming Cabinet

    Here was my project over the winter, My old honey warming cabinet only took 2 buckets which wasn't great for large batches so i decided to design and build a new integrated unit. I've integrated it into storage racking. It is fully insulated with 50mm kingspan. I have made it fully temperature...
  9. odds 'n sods

    odds 'n sods

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    June gap

    Has anyone seen any bramble yielding yet? i've seen some early flowers but no flow evident... There seems to be quite a few buds on them this year and weather may be more favourable than last year with sunshine and showers... last years crop was impacted by lack of rain.
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    First Q cell

    Mixed bag with mine, some really strong with 2 supers on already, I'd say the majority are average... Building up well but not in sufficient numbers to take full advantage of the blossom. Anything is better than last year, this time last year we had snow!
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    Poly brood box

    Sorry Finnan. I was talking about winter. No problems in summer
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    Poly brood box

    I'm only basing this on observations when I've been faced with mixed boxes during summer when I've gone double brood on a colony in wood. I have some legacy wood boxes from when I first started but predominantly poly now.
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    Poly brood box

    Avoid putting wood on top of poly as the temperature difference leads to condensation on the wood. Poly above wood for now and change later...
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    Bees please. Cambridge.

    drop me a PM, I live in North Essex.
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    Forum members - CAUTION!

    I would say that if making card payments online, a credit card is probably the best card to use as you are insured against fraudulent transactions. You are more likely to get your money back through a credit card than a debit card, same with other transactions such as booking flights that are...
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    Frame Nails/ Gimp Pins - builders merchant options ?

    I've got the Ryobi ONE+ 18guage. It honestly takes the effort out of what i find to be quite a fiddly and time consuming job. I can nail a whole frame together in less than 10 seconds once it is all assembled. The only disadvantage is that the frames are harder to disassemble if you wish to boil...
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    certan/b401 - do we not need a sticky ?

    no doubt... I do hope you give each of your turds a good scrub with bleach before you flush them down the loo as well...
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    certan/b401 - do we not need a sticky ?

    its a good job the bottle goes in my recycling bin then isnt it.....
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    Frame Nails/ Gimp Pins - builders merchant options ?

    I bought a cordless nail gun, best thing i ever bought... races through frames and no 'bang, bang bang' to annoy the wife.