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    Increased Varroa Mite

    Can I introduce another round of Apiguard to illuminate a new bout of Varroa. After checking my boards this afternoon, it seems Varroa are on the rise. Both hives were very active earlier today too.
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    Winter Frames

    I have pretty much wrapped my bees up ready for winter. The brood box is looking good and they have stores in one super on top too. I have another super on top of this for periodic feeding over the coming season. Is this about right?
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    Hi there, Does the crush and drain method of extraction taint the flavour of the honey.
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    Storing Capped Frames

    Hi, What’s the best method of removing bees from capped supers/frames and where’s the best place to store capped frames ready for extraction please.
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    Queenless Colony

    Hi there, I’m a first year beekeeper with two colonies. I recently requeened both because they were extremely aggressive towards anything that came near. One requeening has been successful. The other not so. I checked them both for the first time last night after 14 days. The hive without a...