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    Fame at Last!

    Marion Morrison Michael Learned Mandy Patinkin etc, etc, etc :ohthedrama:
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    Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

    More like eye-watering than mouth watering.
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    Maybe, but I haven't noticed any flat caps or ferrets in the hives bee-smillie Can't be draughts, I don't use matchsticks :spy:
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    I discovered (by process of elimination) that the clicking is caused by the bees on the Open Mesh Floor. What I'm not sure about is whether they are using their mandibles to test its resilience, or if their claws (ungues) are slipping through and catching on the edges of the perforations.
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    Moron of the day ....

    This may answer your question:
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    Extended release OAV

    Out of interest, how long should the Abelo extended-release OA strips be left in the hive to do their job?
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    black nitrile gloves

    Or perhaps they were picking up on the alarm/defence pheromone from the previous attacks on the gloves?
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    Comb trapping for Varroa control - When to start? And no, I don't possess a comb trap nor have I used one. OAV does the job.
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    Syrup and ants

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    2nd swarm capture video done

    Try 4:39 to 4:43, rather than 3:39 to 3:43
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    Syrup and ants

    A light dusting of cinnamon powder around the area which the ants are using to access the hive usually discourages them. For a more permanent solution, mix boracic acid powder (borax) and icing sugar 1:1 by volume and dust the ant trail(s) - the ants carry the sweetened powder back to the nest...
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    Old Beek Lore

    Not so much a snippet, but definitely old lore!