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  1. Parsonage Bees

    Supermarket honey price ridiculously low - why?

    The price of the 'honey' at supermarkets is ridiculously low. With most prices going up why is this? Could this be a benefit of Brexit for the (unenlightened) consumer? . . . . Ben
  2. Parsonage Bees

    EFB locally. Should it be more widely known?

    300m from me EFB has been found, hives destroyed, colonies shook swarmed by SBI. I've been given all clear. Source not identified so could be swarms spreading this about at the moment. Should the local association be making this known? Published on social media? What do other areas do?
  3. Parsonage Bees

    Incubator - Brinsea TLC40 Eco - now sold

    Working condition. Has been used by a wildlife rescue centre which is closing. Over £400 new. Offers. *** NOW SOLD ***
  4. Parsonage Bees

    Two overwintered colonies in National brood box and super, Lincolnshire.

    For sale, 2 overwintered colonies including cedar National brood box and super. 2019 queen - £225 2020 queen - £250 Free delivery within 25 miles of Horncastle, Lincolnshire. If you are local come and inspect them yourself. Selling for a friend who "only wants 2 colonies". :rolleyes: Each...
  5. Parsonage Bees

    Queen introduction - excitement or aggression

    The result of my queen rearing for this year is in this cage with attendants. Has been for 4 days since I killed the old queen in a mature colony, across 8/9 frames. Is this bee-haviour aggression or excitement? I tried to have a look 2 days earlier and they were mad as hell so I retreated. I...
  6. Parsonage Bees

    Comb built over queen cells

    Before I make up any nucs, are these cells likely to be viable? Looked OK graft + 2 days. Now graft + 11 days so 14/15 day old. Left above QE on queen-rite/right? colony. Can't put a cage over them so need to do something SOON. Thanks . . . . . Ben
  7. Parsonage Bees

    Underfloor entrances difficult to exit

    Anyone else noticed their bees doing a sort of forward roll when exiting through an underfloor entrance? They end up briefly on their backs. Maybe they will get the hang of it. Been on these entrances all winter. Maybe my bees are remarkably dim. . . . . Ben
  8. Parsonage Bees

    Wiring foundation - what power source?

    Planning to make wired foundation next year. What do you use to heat the wire to embed it? Thornes have a 10V 13A transformer. Would a car battery work? Thanks . . . . Ben
  9. Parsonage Bees

    Mouse damage to stored comb - keep or melt down?

    I have discovered that some of my stored brood and super frames have been chewed by mice. Will the bees rebuild it OK or should I melt it down? Thanks . . . . Ben
  10. Parsonage Bees

    Eggs not being fed jelly - end of summer

    I've recently noticed a queen which is still present, is laying but the eggs are not being fed jelly. First time I've noticed this. Is this something that happens at the end of the summer? She's a 2019 queen, small colony, 3 frame nuc. Reducing area of capped brood. Eggs but no open larvae...
  11. Parsonage Bees

    Want can I do with overheated honey?

    Something was wrong with the honey warmer and I've 30lbs of honey that has been heated to 60degC for 24-36 hours. What can I do with it? If nothing, how can I dispose of it? . . . . . Ben
  12. Parsonage Bees

    Queen cells destroyed in finisher

    First time grafter here. 10 out of 16 cells 'accepted' then cored out in the finisher. Background: Set up queenless cell builder with feed and frame of pollen next to grafts. First 10 failed to take after 2 days. Second attempt 10 out of 16 cells drawn out after 2 days (first photo). Cell bars...
  13. Parsonage Bees

    Chalkbrood - home remedies?

    I have one colony with bad chalkbrood and its not getting better. I won't have a replacement queen for a month or so. Does anyone have any home remedies I could try? The chalkbrood has been bad since the beginning of April and isn't getting any better. The colony is smaller than the others. It...
  14. Parsonage Bees

    Culling a colony

    How do I do this? My first thought is put them in the freezer for a few days. Because; This bloodline has always produced followers and are defensive long after an inspection (I'm keeping them in the garden) Half the population are drones and I don't want them passing on their bad habits They...
  15. Parsonage Bees

    How do I feed queenless nucs and avoid robbing?

    Apart from one queen-right hive I have an apiary of queenless colonies and they are running low on stores. Need to feed them. Trying to increase number of colonies and replace the bad-tempered ones. Following an artificial swarm (from which I lost the original queen) I've made up 6 nucs with...
  16. Parsonage Bees

    Workers marked on the abdomen

    Watching the entrance to my hives I thought I was seeing things but yesterday when I did my last inspections I spotted 4 or 5 workers with similar marks on their abdomen. Any idea what this could be? Is someone marking their workers for some reason? To test drifting? No fondant on colony but...
  17. Parsonage Bees

    How accurate is the Beebase apiary count?

    This came up in another thread which I won't hijack. So started a new thread. According to Beebase there are 37 apiaries (not hives) within 10km of my location. I find this difficult to believe given the number of beeks I know of from the local association. This information I guess is used by...
  18. Parsonage Bees

    Warped foundation - is it useable?

    I made up this brood trame including the foundation last year. As you can see the wax has warped. Is this useable or should I replace the foundation? Thanks . . . . Ben