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  1. ENZO

    Round Comb Sections

    Hello All, A few people have asked me how my first year of trying to produce Round Comb Sections went, well not to bad but still have a lot to learn, I posted a few photos so that people not familiar with these will know what I am talking about. Overall I'm happy with the result but next...
  2. ENZO

    Modern Beekeeping

    I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I recieved from Modern Beekeeping, I ordered two poly Nucs Wednesday evening and they arrived at my doorstep Friday lunchtime, thats less than 42 hours! And remember, I live in Jersey, I normally have to wait a week or two. The Nucs are...
  3. ENZO


    Hello all, Is it just me or does anyone else find extracting tedious, I mean, I like to see the honey buckets filling up and I get a sense that I must be doing something right but I find the uncapping and spinning a real pain, the first few supers, great, but after half a day I've had enough. I...
  4. ENZO

    New Extractor?

    Hello all, can anyone recommend or even know if one is available, what I am after is a radial motorized extractor that can take british standard brood frames, something for example that the cage inside could take 12 or 15 super frames or 6 brood frames and extract them radially, I mean, a 12 or...
  5. ENZO

    Temperature for soft set honey

    Hello All, Last year I started producing soft set honey and it sells really well but the problem is that my last batch was produced in winter and the optimum temperature of 14 degrees for the crystalization process was easily obtainable but now I need to make more and I am finding that the...
  6. ENZO

    How Many Supers?

    Hello All, I was just wondering, like most beekeepers I just keep adding supers on my hives when required, but my question is, does the hive/honey storage efficiency decrease as the hive gets taller/larger? I normally start to remove the supers when they reach 4 as height and...
  7. ENZO

    Price of UK Honey

    Hello all, I'm in the UK for a few days and this afternoon I poped into the a Tesco (we don't have them in Jersey) for a quick shop, I looked at the price of honey and I was really shocked at how low the price was. Tesco brand honey was for sale at 68p for 340g and £1.41 for 454g soft set...
  8. ENZO

    Asian Hornet

    Hello All, Well, reading the papers, The Asian Hornet has reached St.Malo in northern France, St.Malo have Dayly sailings to Jersey, about an hour by ferry but also quite a few sailings to the UK every day. The reality is that they are going to spread to us one way or another and if so...
  9. ENZO

    Dadant Smoker

    Hello All, Could anyone tell me where I can get hold of a large Dadant Smoker, The really tall 4" x 10" in the UK? Does anyone stock them? I can get them from the US and swienty do them but the postage is nearly as much as the smoker. Many Thanks, Enzo
  10. ENZO

    Stoneleigh, will have to be next year!

    Bugger, three days accommodation booked, Queen rearing course booked, wrist band ready, Hire car sorted, flights booked!! Just to find out this evening that my flight to the UK has been cancelled for friday morning and flights on saturday are also cancelled. The Boats are fully booked so it...
  11. ENZO

    Extracting 12x14 frames

    Hi There, How do you Guys extract honey from 12 x 14 frames? I have just started using them last year and now find my first problem with them, I have a Thornes 9 frame extractor and a little 4 frame hand crank for when I have to extract from brood frames (honey not brood) but the large...
  12. ENZO

    Who Said Late Spring!!

    Hello All, Well, a week ago I was thinking what a late season this was, so this week I got some gear out of the shed to decide what to keep and what not as space was getting a little tight, decided what not to keep and left a pile of really old gear in the garden with the intention of breaking...
  13. ENZO

    The Woods Apidictor

    Hello, has anyone used or know anything about a device called "The Woods Apidictor", I have been given this little box of tricks which looks like it was made in the 50's/60's, what it is supposed to do, I've been told, is using the sound frequency of the hive, predict when it's going to swarm...
  14. ENZO

    Sherriff lightweight, Breathable Suit

    Hello all, Has anyone bought one of the new Sherriff lightweight, Breathable nylon Suits, I am after something light and cool, this suit seems to fit the bill but it is expensive and is it any good/worth it? Many Thanks, Enzo.
  15. ENZO


    Do you guys ever meet up at Stoneleigh? It's always interesting to meet people in person when you have a mental image of them by the way they write. I am booked on the Queen rearing course, Anyone else? In fact, is it any good? Hope so. All the Best, Enzo.
  16. ENZO

    Honey From Brood Comb

    Hello All, I know it's a Big No No and I have never done this but what is actually wrong with extracting Honey from comb which has previously had brood in? I am not talking of old, black and ugly comb but just comb which has had only a few generations in, are the cells not cleaned out by...
  17. ENZO

    White Pollen

    Hi all, my bees are bringing in white pollen, could anyone tell me where this is from? My pollen book "A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee" by William Kirk does not list a white pollen and it's comming thick and fast. Many Thanks, Enzo
  18. ENZO

    Wiring Langstroth Frame

    Hello Everyone, I hope someone could offer me advise, I am in the process if wiring some Langstroth Frames, I have got the eyelets but the frames I got from Thornes have sidebars that are not drilled, Is this normal? it's no problem to drill the side bars but how many horizontal wires do...
  19. ENZO

    Thornes Sale Hoffman Frames

    Hi All, I seem to have a problem with the Hoffman frames that I got in the Thornes sale (200 of them) and I am not sure if this is common or not hence the post as up until now I have always used DN1 frames/plastic spacers. As I understand, you can use 11 hoffman frames and a dummy board in...
  20. ENZO

    WANTED, The New Comb Honey Book

    Hello All, Does any one have or know where I can buy "The New Comb Honey Book" by Richard Taylor. I have looked everywhere and still unable to locate a copy, any condition will do, I'm not fussy and I'll pay what needs to be payed, so if anyone can help I would be most Grateful. Many...