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  1. manek

    Heated uncapping knife

    I bought a heated knife. Waste of money: I can uncap just as well with a serrated bread knife.
  2. manek

    I'm sorry😁

    Surely a Bailey change is OK if you pay for it using syrup. Give 'em the fuel they need to make wax and it's a fair exchange. I'm going to Bailey my strongest colony next spring. It's currently on black frames and brood-and-a-half, which is a pain to inspect. It's going onto 14x12, which will...
  3. manek

    Wrapping Beehives for Winter

    Just a quick note on insulation materials: your local building skip is often a good source of free stuff....
  4. manek

    Asian Hornets

    To the OP: check out Eric Darrouzet's YouTube channel. There's tons of good info on there about Vespa velutina and their behaviour etc.
  5. manek

    "Wobbly Bee"

    As a journalist, I'd say it's about judging your audience as to whether to use an acronym or abbreviation. As has been mentioned, BBC, TV, SCUBA, LASER, and RADAR are all so common and widely understood that the last three (which are acronyms: abbreviations that can be pronounced) are rarely...
  6. manek

    Show me the honey.

    It may be interesting. Like all reality TV, I'm also sensing it's likely to be infuriating...
  7. manek

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Checked the three hives for stores. Not a single frame full of capped honey. Poor show girls!
  8. manek

    Never had colonys like it.

    Would they abandon a hive full of stores?
  9. manek

    Is it time to put the brakes on the boom in beekeeping?

    One could also argue that it's evidence of the success of the honey bee at the expense of other bees, ie, they hoover up almost everything. However, I'd grant that the short tongues of Apis mellifera make some sources of nectar inaccessible, while longer-tongued pollinators can reach them...
  10. manek

    Weekly inspections

    About every 10 days, checking they have enough space for stores, not a full inspection.
  11. manek

    Is it time to put the brakes on the boom in beekeeping?

    The study the article refers to is here: State of the World's Plants and Fungi | Kew. It has a good degree of credibility, it would seem. Anecdotally, I'd add that for a while I looked after five hives that a company dropped in the middle of Sussex farmland. They struggled to gather enough...
  12. manek

    Never had colonys like it.

    I'm clearly on a different planet. In this area, most beeks are struggling to find capped frames. I just put a second super on one (of three) colony because the first was filling with uncapped nectar, but I'd had a 20Kg harvest by end of May last year...
  13. manek

    Bee Jacket recommendations

    Another happy, Old Castle Farm suit user here. Over the last two years I've had it, it keeps the stings away, is well-ventilated, and washes well. As for gloves, nitriles over marigolds works for me and is a good combination of protection and hygiene. If they get really arsey, I'll put a pair of...
  14. manek


    Not seen a Rauchboy before. Do you light the combustibles then drop it into the main part of the smoker?
  15. manek

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Well, whatever it's called, I've done it now. I'll go back in a week and remove any QCs from the top BB and that will be all they can make from that batch of brood.
  16. manek

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Yes, a Demaree is a form of vertical split, is it not?
  17. manek

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Performed my first Demaree today. Swarm cells were evident, found the queen, pocketed her. Moved the BB to one side, swapped it for a new one with foundation and one or two drawn frames. Took a frame of half-full brood from the old BB, put it and the Q in the middle. QX on top, super on top of...
  18. manek

    They've been and gone

    What made me think they had swarmed was the total lack of brood in the BB. Any brood was in the super, sealed and over 10 days old.
  19. manek

    They've been and gone

    No she wasn't - but she was about 2.5 years old and my best queen - calm productive bees - but probably due for supersedure.
  20. manek

    They've been and gone

    The cell is still uncapped but has royal jelly in it. Now they have a frame of young brood, they have options.