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  1. ValMc

    Sieve stand

    Can anyone recommend a sieve stand which will hold the straining sieve above the honey bucket while extracting so that it doesn’t dip into the honey as it fills?
  2. ValMc

    Slow to cap honey

    Has anyone else noticed that the bees seem to be very reluctant to cap their honey this year? I have spoken to a few beekeepers in our area and they report the same as us, that the supers are full of nectar but the water content is still too high and there is no sign of capping taking place.
  3. ValMc

    Running out of equipment as bees are not capping supers

    In the last few weeks our bees have been bringing nectar and pollen back like here is no tomorrow - maybe they know something we don't!!! - but our problem now is that on most of our 12 colonies we already have 4 supers, the frames are full, but they are just not making any attempt to cap the...
  4. ValMc

    What colour to mark a queen in a swarm

    Simple question - if you hive a swarm with an unmarked queen, what colour do you mark her if you are using the WYRGB system?
  5. ValMc

    Bees are very grumpy

    We are finding that all our colonies are becoming very grumpy, they are eating all their stores, and although the queens are laying the brood nests are not expanding, and they are all producing queen cells so AS are having to be carried out. Anyone else experiencing a similar situation?
  6. ValMc

    Raising two queen cells using the demaree method and no queen

    We have an extremely strong gentle colony on double brood with four supers. If we remove the queen and put her in a nuc is it possible to split the brood boxes as though performing a demaree, with all the supers and queen excluders in between, and a separate entrance for the top box? The bees...
  7. ValMc

    Attacked by dogs so w hen would be the best time to move bees?

    The land owner where we keep some of our bees has started adopting rescue dogs from Romania. At the moment she has 12 and unfortunately they have developed the pack mentality and have started attacking us when we go to see our bees. The other week my husband was bitten by one of the dogs and...
  8. ValMc

    No stores whatsoever

    Just a quick warning. We left our bees 2 weeks ago with a super nearly full of honey plus a small feed of 1:1 on. Checked them today in one apiary and there are absolutely no stores whatsoever, either in the super or brood box. Needless to say we got feeds on very quickly. All four colonies...
  9. ValMc

    Displaying Photo in a honey show

    Someone recently asked me what is the best way to display a photo when entering in a honey show. I have absolutely no idea so any advice would be much appreciated so that I can pass the information on.
  10. ValMc

    Best before dates and lot number

    This is just a general question and it has probably been asked before but where do you put your best before date and lot number, particularly if you are entering a honey show - a jar of honey for sale class.
  11. ValMc

    Soft set/ creamed honey

    Can you still use the term “creamed honey” or do you have to call it “soft set honey” as someone suggested to me that there was an EU directive to that effect. If that is the case can someone tell me where I can find this directive on line.
  12. ValMc

    Soft set/ creamed honey

  13. ValMc

    Asian hornet sighting in Kent

    A sighting of an Asian hornet has been confirmed near Ashford in Kent. Details are on the government site.
  14. ValMc

    Tangential screens - whipped honey?

    We purchased some tangential screens to fit in our electric radial extractor as the bees have been very busy backfilling the brood boxes and not wanting to move it up into the supers. When we extract from the larger frames the honey that comes out into the bucket is always very light coloured...
  15. ValMc

    Bees capping empty frames

    A beekeeping colleague showed me a drawn super frame last week that was completely capped. The only thing was that the frame was completely empty. All the other frames in the super were exactly the same. He had put the wet super back on top of the crown board after extraction. The bees had...
  16. ValMc

    Lemon hint to honey

    The honey we took off yesterday has a lemon-like undertone. Can anyone suggest what plant/tree they have been foraging on in order to get this?
  17. ValMc

    Changing from radial to tangential

    Might seem a silly question but how easy is it to change a radial cage for a tangential cage in an electric extractor?
  18. ValMc

    Suggest best polyhive

    Sorry if this question has been asked before but can you recommend a good quality polyhive? I run the Beginners course for our local association and I think it would be a good idea to have a polyhive in our teaching apiary as they are becoming so popular (and of course they are cheaper than the...
  19. ValMc

    Why have posts disappeared?

    Early today Jenkinsbrynmair posted that there was a cofirmed sighting of the Asian hornet. He originally said that it was in the south west, but later, after I had asked if he could give a bit more information about the exact area, he said it was on the south coast. Now all those posts have...
  20. ValMc

    Asian hornet sighting in Surrey?

    Has anyone heard any rumours about a confirmed Asian hornet sighting in Surrey? Had an email from local AHAT team who said the sighting had been confirmed but not announced yet? If that is the case why all the secrecy?