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    Apiary sites wanted in DA11 Area.

    Hello. I’m in need of space. I live in Gravesend, Kent, UK. Does anyone have room for a couple of hives Please. I don’t tolerate stingy bees and I’m looking to breed A.M.M. Local to the area type bees.
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    Offer to Beeks in DA11 area

    Hello. I”m currently free to Mentor anyone in the Gravesend, Kent or surrounding area.
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    Hello there. Apologies for the S word. today was the first opportunity to look at my colonies properly. I keep them in North Kent on a Farm which is colder than town. both colonies were missing. a small patch of brood and eggs, 100 to 200 bees, loads of sealed honey. No queen cells which is what...
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    Hello From Gravesend in Kent, UK.

    Hello There. Been keeping bees since 1997. and I have run out of mistakes to make. (yesterday I went to the bee shed to put some gear away. then I noticed a wasp, then another. stopped counting when I saw the wasp nest between me and the door. there's a large association in Gravesend, But i'm a...
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    another irish joke.

    Paddy comes home from work and finds his wife upset. "whats wrong Mary?" "I think I'm pregnant, I went to the doctors and He wants Me to give Him a sample" "What's a sample?" says Paddy. "Idon't know, I'll go and ask Mrs Murphy over the road" Ten minutes later, Mary comes back...
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    CAUTION! frame spacing

    Hello There. I have national hives with hoffman spaced frames. having decided to rear queens known as A.M.M. or british black type. The book says they prefer a slightly wider frame spacing. Hoffman frames are 1 3/8 wide plastic ends are 1 7/16. My frames are under size by a tiny ammount which...