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  1. Cazza

    Any good ideas re mouseguard?

    Hi team. I've run out of mouseguards but don't really want to order any more. Any ideas for guards made out of something I can make or buy locally? Ta.
  2. Cazza

    Three weeks later I found it......

    20 futile minutes spent searching for my brand new cot which I knew was there somewhere beside a hive. No wonder I couldn't find it. Next time I'll think to look on my soles.
  3. Cazza

    Scum strike again

    What sort of low life would bother to nick an ex plastic dog bed turned into a bee pond filled with rubble and water? The mind boggles. Cazza
  4. Cazza

    Such a waste

    I'm very unhappy with myself. Due to sloth and other pressing issues, I was late with my Certan treatment. This has resulted in the loss of 3 precious boxes of drawn brood frames stored in my bee shed. The frames left in bait hives outside are all fine. I think the spiders Hoover up the wax moth...
  5. Cazza

    Has anyone posted the annual "beginners be careful, wasps are sweet feeding" thread?

    If it has already been posted, then apologies: For beginners, wasps are turning to feeding on sweet items such as honey and can rob out hives if the beekeeper is careless. Try to inspect quickly. Question if you actually need to inspect at all. If you are feeding, do it carefully, don't drip...
  6. Cazza

    Clive de Bruyn microscopy day school

    There are a few places left on this day school run by the world renowned Clive de Bruyn for Dicklebees. Saturday 20th February 10.00 a.m. until 17.00 p.m. Clive will introduce the basics of pollen analysis, honey bee anatomy and disease recognition including acarine and nosema. Cost is...
  7. Cazza

    Two observations I have not experienced before

    1. I always thought that bees got rid of Apiguard somehow. Turns out that one of my hives stores it. I saw white packed cells which worried me. On closer examination and a taste test- clearly Apiguard. 2. Heard one hive making peeping noises on the polyhive landing board. The noise you hear when...
  8. Cazza

    Queen problems-weather or something deeper?

    I don't recall a discussion of this issue? Please direct me to it if I missed it. When I started Beekeeping in the 90s life was easy. Queens mated well and lasted longer than today. I have listened to Roger Patterson's talk on Queen problems and agree with him that this cannot be totally...
  9. Cazza

    Another chance to hear Clive de Bruyn

    Clive will be coming to Dickleburgh Norfolk on the 10th of August 7.30 p.m. to talk about "Beekeeping mistakes." Not to be missed. Venue is, as usual, The Scout H Q, behind the church. £4.00. All welcome. Cazza
  10. Cazza

    Who's satisfied with the season so far?

    I am feeling contented this season as I have taken a reasonable early honey harvest and have bred some much more gentle stock. Anybody else happy too? Cazza
  11. Cazza

    Roger Patterson- Queen performance

    Roger will be delivering this lecture on Monday 11th May, Dickleburgh, Norfolk for Dicklebees beekeeping support group. Venue: Dickleburgh Sea Scouts Hall, (behind the Church) 7.30 p.m. All welcome. Cost £4.00 for non members. Cazza
  12. Cazza

    Small windfall

    I have unexpectedly received a small windfall (3 figures) which I am going to blow on herbaceous perennials.:hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray: What would you buy? (I have light soil, ranging from full sun to full shade.) Cazza
  13. Cazza


    What does it mean? I am marked as having one. Does it mean I have misbehaved? I was banned by mistake once (wrong IP address.) I feel like a criminal!:judge::judge: Cazza
  14. Cazza

    Straight labels

    I am hopeless at sticking my labels on so they are level. Clearly for me practise does not make perfect. HWMBO tells me to make a former. Is it just me and how do you keep them level? Cazza
  15. Cazza

    What can possibly go wrong.......

    "Pride comes before a fall" Anyone else feeling smug and mellow? Honey harvest was great, varroa treatment going well, all hives banging in ivy nectar and pollen, apiary numbers close to optimum and I just landed a better job. Whoooo hoooo! This is all too good to be true...... Cazza
  16. Cazza


    It's the time of year for the wasp threads to start so for beginners: Wasps can devastate weak hives very quickly. Keep an eye out for them, look at the entrance daily to see if they can gain access. I will reduce my entrance size from full width by popping the entrance block in at this time...
  17. Cazza

    I suspect two queens

    Last week I found eggs above and below the QE. No time to hunt for queen so left til this week. Still eggs above and below. I thought this must be a runty queen but in the BB there was a large brown queen, far too big to slip through the QE. No time again to go through the super, going to have...
  18. Cazza

    Clive De Bruyn talk 14.7.14

    Clive De Bruyn is coming to Dicklebees on Monday 14th of July at 7.30 p.m. to talk about: "Products of the bee hive." He is always entertaining and oozes knowledge. Non members £4.00 Meet at Dickleburgh (Norfolk) sea scouts hut, behind the church (you can walk through the churchyard to the...
  19. Cazza


    Have I imagined it or is someone having a flash sale at the end of June? Can't find anything when I searched for "sale." Can anyone help? Cazza
  20. Cazza


    Just guzzled my first garden picked proper bowlful with honey and mascarpone. Summer IS here. Cazza