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  1. TBRNoTB

    FAO DerekM

    [QUO TE=Millet;510008];-) . First time on this place, but it don't half remind me of "the other place" unfortunately! I thought the back biting etc would be reserved for rabs domain!
  2. TBRNoTB

    Members removed from this section

    Now let me think? having thought about it but.....we are all told to be thinking beekeepers so having thought again: it is no great loss! Many more proficient beekeepers around with a more pleasent disposition.:iagree:
  3. TBRNoTB

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Acquired two new out Apiaries, first now has hive stands second one needs clearing
  4. TBRNoTB

    Please Help with severe allergy

    I would think of getting a new Doctor!
  5. TBRNoTB

    Plan Bee - good scam!

    ah but if you have 10+ hives on one spot?....gimmee..gimme.!
  6. TBRNoTB

    Plan Bee - good scam!

    Adopt me Adopt me £200.00!
  7. TBRNoTB

    Thymolised feed emulsifier

    What about the use by date on the bottom of the can? One has to think of the lawyers!:-)
  8. TBRNoTB

    Wasp experts needed - strange behaviour!

    Was that one across or four down? Get a life LRT
  9. TBRNoTB

    Top Tips for Saving Money in this fairly Expensive Hobby ??

    At first glance I thought it was a coffin! ;-)
  10. TBRNoTB

    Can you overfeed syrup at this time of year?

    ditto ditto! :-)
  11. TBRNoTB

    Sugar Prices

    Just been to Farm Foods to stock up today, last week 39p kg today 49p kg! inflation's supposed to be at zero! Cap, coat, hat, bunker etc!
  12. TBRNoTB

    Thymolised feed emulsifier

    Sod it all! I've bought another can, life is just too short, also bought a crate of IPA to forget I ever mentioned it! :-) Winter is just round the corner.....its coming...its coming, well according to this thread it already has!
  13. TBRNoTB

    Please Help with severe allergy

    Can you not have a desentisisation course at your local hospital? I appreciate there maybe cost implications. Keep well. Regards TBRNoTB
  14. TBRNoTB

    Thymolised feed emulsifier

    Is there an alterative emulsifier other than Lecithin that can be used with Hivemakers receipe? Reason being I can only find it in 250g tins @£8.00 a pop and as I only need a couple of tea spoons......... Regards TBRNoTB
  15. TBRNoTB


    left and right hand?
  16. TBRNoTB

    Sat Nav Complaint.

    You could be right, you are really keeping death off the roads by learning to fly!
  17. TBRNoTB

    can i use this type of Insulation

    It takes one to know one!;)
  18. TBRNoTB

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    John I don't want to bother JBM but the Scotland/Wales 'jibe' was a oblique reference to the Barnet formula, nice bit of racist legislation that seems to be swept under the carpet!;)
  19. TBRNoTB

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    JBM I appreciate you may not want to bother with this reply but........ a) I enjoy reading your posts, informative and sometimes with a hint of humour. b) My comment was somewhat tongue in cheek! c) I suppose the truth hurts a little. d) To comment on an open forum that I have little work to do...
  20. TBRNoTB

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Obviously under employed, no wonder the government is reducing the civil? service:rolleyes: