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  1. tidymeup

    Do swienty ever have sales?

    UK distributors of Swienty have sales, Modern Beekeeping, Swienty and Gwenyn Gruffydd.
  2. tidymeup

    Plastic Frames

    We use full plastic frames, although these are for Langstroth and not National. I have to say I love them and have many 1000's of them in use.
  3. tidymeup

    Anyone from Littleover Apiaries on here?

    I can't see the video but Heather Honey can also refer to Bell Heather, I believe to sell as one type it should be at least 80 from the same floral source.
  4. tidymeup

    Anyone else?

    So many companies popping up selling linden or acacia honey its quite unbelievable. I wonder how many they actually sell and if they really are selling what they say.
  5. tidymeup

    What have you learned (bee keeping) this year?

    We have used allot of demaree this year and it's worked great, also been reminded how hard it is to make a part of your living from honey.
  6. tidymeup

    Hive prices

    Sales aren't always the answer, we're generally cheaper than most even in their sales (Modern Beekeeping) but also lets be honest price isn't always what you should be looking for.
  7. tidymeup

    Jar Filling Machines

    I will add that their is little setup to the machine to calibrated but it' very simple with weighing a few jars to make sure it's in tolerance. We fill jars from 1.5oz to 1kg and even small without the turntable. very accurate and fills each jar perfectly every time. The jar stop is acetate...
  8. tidymeup

    Jar Filling Machines

    We have the Swienty unit your looking at and it's a joy to work with, we do over 1400 jars per day with it. If you are ever in Cheshire call in to Modern Beekeeping for a look at the Swienty machine in action.
  9. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    No losses as in what I would consider dwindling from high HMF but I have seen many troubles troubles from using fondant incorrectly. Buying fondant and having way to much, using it year after year causes trouble. HMF isn’t just caused by heat but also by time. Crystal size is also important...
  10. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    Cheap out dated or free fondant that’s been given away or feeding the stuff meant for icing cakes. Home made fondant is just that made at home from sugar that’s been over heated and started to go yellow or darken.
  11. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    No mention of bakers fondant in my post.
  12. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    My experiences tell me different but I am not blaming bakers fondant but some of the practices around the use and type of fondant.
  13. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    We supply Apipasta range from Zukan and are the UK distributor fair enough. like many it’s a good product, well packaged and ready to use. I like knowing we’re feeding our colonies something I have backup on with traceability and relevant health certificates. We enjoy using our Apipasta range...
  14. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    Modern Beekeeping but also started this in honey production. We still produce and pack honey under Happy Valley Honey. I am not blaming bakers fondant as such with my comments but bad practises with fondant. Fondant inverted by acid or heated to high or for to long do cause excessive bee...
  15. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    Yes really, when taking as many calls from beekeepers as equipment suppliers do then these things start to show up. I receive many calls in the spring from concerned individuals who have had problems over wintering. I strongly believe that there is a link between losses and poor feeding...
  16. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    100% agree, we see this so many times people feeding home made or cheap fondant to bees and wondering why they no longer have them in the spring. And surprisingly the dwindling always seems to occur after adding the fondant. Also the vast amount of beekeepers quoting some very outdated books...
  17. tidymeup

    The truth behind fondants

    Your supplier does have an axe to grind at times so much so that when faced with legal action for selling their bakers fondant to beekeepers I backed down. It wasn’t a fight a wanted or could afford.
  18. tidymeup

    AZ Hives in Beeshed

    There not to bad really, I guess it would depend on the bees. The mesh doesn't get propolised as it's the feeder and technically sealed because of the door at the back. The frames can get quite stick but Logar make a special hive tool for removing the frames, as the frames are just on two...
  19. tidymeup

    AZ Hives in Beeshed

    We use some AZ hives, pretty much for fun really but I really like them. The nice thing about them is that the heaviest thing you lift is just one frame at a time.
  20. tidymeup

    Quality of bee equipment

    Poly hives do come with dents and scratches from the factory at times, when they are ejected from the mould they may show scratches, some of the dents are caused after mould release. Generally you will find the exact same dent on every component on a pallet load, our hives bought from Modern...