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  1. freethorpe bees

    Uniting caste swarm advice please

    Picked up a primary swarm which I suspected may have had two queens as eagle eyed OH spotted a very small queen (virgin?). Put them into a bb. A lot of the bees have now disappeared but the remaining ones are drawing comb. I think I may be left with a caste swarm. I have another caste swarm in...
  2. freethorpe bees

    Queen Excluder 500 x 500 mm

    Admin - please move this to another section if need beeeeee I have two 500 x 500 mm queen excluders - never used - going free to a good home if anyone would like them (those in Norfolk of course). FB
  3. freethorpe bees

    Do queens stop laying a day or so before swarming?

    Your thoughts/experiences please.
  4. freethorpe bees

    My bees are going on Saturday

    Hi All I had a blood test last Monday following a bad reaction to a bee sting. The nurse rang tonight with the result and I have tested as high. Also tested for wasp allergy and I tested positive too! Albeit low. So it's a no brainer really, my two hives are going on Saturday. What a stinker...
  5. freethorpe bees

    Info on uniting hives please

    One of my splits is Q- although I know there was a virgin queen in there (eaten by swallow?). The test frame produced emergency queen cells. I am now about to go out and unite them with another hive. Newspaper inbetween, wait 24 hours. After this point they will effectively be on double...
  6. freethorpe bees

    Supercedure cells?

    Hi All On my last inspection on 23.4 i found one queen cell at the top of one frame in the middle. As there were eggs I knocked it down. At the time I thought it may possible be supercedure. Today I inspected, quickly due to the weather, and there were three qcs on the same frame, one on one...
  7. freethorpe bees

    Where do you get your honey jars from?

    Hi All The title is self explanatory! I went to our beekeepers AGM yesterday and asked the chairperson if I could possibly be added to the bulk order for honey jars. If she had told me to eff off she couldn't have been less rude! So it looks like I will be ordering them just for myself and...
  8. freethorpe bees

    Worried about lack of stores.

    I checked my two hives yesterday and can't believe how short of stores they are. Gave both 2kg to 1 Litre sugar syrup and will continue to feed throughout September. Bit worried they won't store enough before the winter.
  9. freethorpe bees

    Has anyone used a jam thermometer?

    After my twelve jars of greengage jam did not set and throwing a big tantrum I today bought a jam thermometer. Setting point of jam as indicated on said gadget, 105 degrees. Reboiled the jam like a thing possessed and it would not go above 100 degrees. Any ideas?
  10. freethorpe bees

    Would you take the second super off yet?

    Hi All I took one super off yesterday and still have another one on the hive. I want to take this off fairly soon as I want to apply Apiguard but there are still loads of bees in the hive. Is it a good idea to 'squash' them into the bb or should I wait for their numbers to decrease? Thanks for...
  11. freethorpe bees

    Where can I get this fruit picker?

    I shall attempt to describe it. It has two 'fingers', and a 'thumb'. The thumb is on a spring which opens and closes by pulling a length of string which is attached to the underside. The idea being that you grab the fruit by pulling the string. It has four aluminum poles which slot together. I...
  12. freethorpe bees

    Honey bees on Pogles Wood!!!

    Showing my age here, but if you look on You Tube under Pogles Wood there is a lovely little episode with honey bees. Pogles Wood was my all time favourite! I would attach a link but can't seem to do it on my I-touch. FB
  13. freethorpe bees

    Honey Bees on Springwatch 7.30 tonight

    That's it really!!!
  14. freethorpe bees

    'wonky brood nest'

    Polite answers only please... My HM seems to be laying in the eight frames to one side and not in the middle as per 'normal' (whatever that is!). The other three frames are filled with stores. Is this something which often happens or should I be concerned about it? I did move one frame of...
  15. freethorpe bees

    Queen excluder too big - is this a problem?

    Someone has given me two 500 x 500 mm queen excluders. When placed on top of a national brood box it overlaps by about an inch and a half on two sides. Can anyone see if this would cause a problem? Thanks - fb They are yellow plastic by the way.
  16. freethorpe bees

    Drone brood removal for varroa control

    Dear All I would like to try it this year, 1. I assume you put a super frame in? 2. Is it best to put at the edge of the brood nest? 3. Would you put in an already drawn frame or does this not matter? Thanks FB:o
  17. freethorpe bees

    Put me in the same room as that [email protected]@rd

    Who abused and beat that beautiful elephant. All I'd need is a large stick and about half an hour......:boxing_smiley:
  18. freethorpe bees

    Moving the hive before an inspection.

    A book I am reading suggests moving the hive three feet, onto a sheet, before carrying out an inspection, to reduce the number of flying bees around you. Anyone ever heard of this? Seems like a bit of a faff to me and something you'd need two people for.
  19. freethorpe bees

    Hives facing different ways

    Me again! I have one hive at the mo, facing south. I want to increase to 2 this year. How far apart would they need to be, facing the same way, and not get drifting between the two? Fb
  20. freethorpe bees

    Best climbers for bees?

    Hi all. The other half has made an archway in the front garden. We want a climber for it - one that honey bees would like. Any ideas? FB