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    Bees and Equipment for sale

    2 Five frame Nukes £150 each. If wanted in a brand new Thornes National hive £300 each. 9 frame motorised stainless steel extractor, used twice, £500 current price £837 for full spec please see Park beekeeping web page. Large stainless steel Honey settling tank, built in filters, current...
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    2012 nucs for sale

    Five frame national standard Nucs for sale, £120.00 each. 6/7/8 frame nucs also available, please call Paul if interested 07837 021955.
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    Bees for sale

    5 Complete National working hives for sale in Thurrock Essex. Price per hive £250. If interested please contact Paul on 07837021955.
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    donate now has been disabled .WHY???
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    Full working Hives for sale

    My friend currently has 3 12 x 14 full working hives for sale. He is asking £200 each. They all have this years queen in them. If interested please give me a call on 07955 394041. bee-smillie
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    sugar warning

    just been tipped off by Costco's that in the new year the price of sugar will be jumping from £8+ a case to over £11. This price rise will affect all suppliers and will filter down to fondant aswell. Apparently it is due to a jump in the wholesale worldwide price. At present it is on special at...
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    Best buy 2010

    Isn't it strange that if you buy an item for bee keeping it can costs £100's more than if it was intended for a different purpose! My best buy this year was a bolier from Lidl which cost me £40, is thermosatically controlled, take a 30lb honey bucket, and also doubles up as a water bath when...
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    Colonies + hives for sale

    2 complete working bee hives, national bee hives, open mesh floor, brood and bees, queen excluder, 2 supers, crown board, roof and stand. Currently in Thurrock, Essex. can remain in the apiary untill the spring. The apiary is surrounded by rape this year. Bees GUARRANTEED to be strong and...
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    5 frame nucs 2011

    If you would like to pre-order a 5 frame nuc for 2011. please give me your name and telephone number. This will compile a list of interested parties. The price will be £120.00. I will donate £10 to the bee keeping forum for each nuc sold anybody willing to do the same will jump to the top of...
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    nucs for sale essex

    i currently have two 5 frame nucs for sale, national frames £110.00 each. i also have 2 eleven frame brood boxes for sale, national frames, new frames, new wax full of bees £160.00 each. need to bring your own brood box for transfere. call me 07837021955
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    Nucs for sale in Essex

    i'm still left with 3 five frame nucs, after continually being let down by a long distance buyer. If they are not sold this week they will be going into brood boxes. If interested please call Paul 07837021955
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    5 frame nukes for sale in Essex

    5 frame national nukes for sale, new frames, new queens. full of bees. queens marked. very good temperment. near Lakeside, Dartford Tunnel. £110.00