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  1. Incatatus

    next level

    i have been keeping bees for 2 years and have 2 colonies. ihave a couple of begginers books but now need something to take me a little further over the winter. am not after an advanced book here but don`t need to reread siting a hive etc. any suggestions? i also work shifts and so find it hard...
  2. Incatatus


    only be about another month and the grapes will be in the country, italian red, my first year on my own, i normally make it with my dad but he has passed the batan to me this year.
  3. Incatatus

    wild bees

    was out on a walk with my family this afternoon and saw a wild colony using a hole in a tree, will get back there this week and take some pics. it was an oak tree in an ancient oak wood/forest. was really a great site, 100 yds further on the path was an adder, scurried off quick when we got...
  4. Incatatus


    hi does anyone have the dimensions for the nuc body that hedgerow pete made. i have the roof made just need to do the body, thanks in advance
  5. Incatatus

    nuc box

    just watched pete`s nuc box video made with 12 mm ply, would this be suitable to overwinter a nuc or would 18 mm be better suited? thanks in advance
  6. Incatatus

    Top bar

    has anyone tried a top bar hive, they are meant to be quiye simple, might be an interesting experiment?
  7. Incatatus


    i have 2 colonies, one is very well behaved the other one is made of pure rage! I kid you not, i need to requeen, but if kill the old queen will it not be one of her daughters who is raised as the new queen and will she be just as aggressive. They are very productive, ontheir 3rd super without...