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  1. Cazza

    Any good ideas re mouseguard?

    Hi team. I've run out of mouseguards but don't really want to order any more. Any ideas for guards made out of something I can make or buy locally? Ta.
  2. Cazza

    Just wondering what the very light honey might be?

    My guess would be lime if you've recently taken it off and you live down south
  3. Cazza

    Three weeks later I found it......

    I'd taken it out of it's tin.......and lain it down next to the marker pen ready to use it. Best laid plans......
  4. Cazza

    Three weeks later I found it......

    20 futile minutes spent searching for my brand new cot which I knew was there somewhere beside a hive. No wonder I couldn't find it. Next time I'll think to look on my soles.
  5. Cazza

    Treating a new swarm with Apiguard?

    Cheers Rab. Good to be back. My thinking is, I've just moved house, struggling to build it and start my family and someone sticks chemicals in it that makes the struggle even harder. Might put me off laying and I really need to get on with that.
  6. Cazza

    Water %

    I use a chopstick to take samples from my cells. After years of playing guess the water content by the way the honey lifts off the refractometer glass with the chopstick, I don't actually need the refractometer any more. Always a fun game to play. In a similar way I learnt from my dad how to...
  7. Cazza

    Treating a new swarm with Apiguard?

    There's no argument for not treating, it's the timing that I'm not in agreement with. You'll all do whatever you like, whatever I say but I'd let them build up and see how Queenie lays before I blasted them with anything. No problem counting your varroa load and treating in August. Thank you...
  8. Cazza

    Treating a new swarm with Apiguard?

    Seems to me that you're all a little trigger happy re the need to treat. Been away for a while but nice to see nothing much has changed...hi all.
  9. Cazza

    Honey flow confusion

    Flow done and dusted in my part of Suffolk until ivy comes in. Cazza
  10. Cazza


    Isn't white clover a perennial? Cazza
  11. Cazza

    How do you take out hive entrance blocks?

    The suit will be one of the best beekeeping investments you'll ever make. Good PPE is vital. Cazza
  12. Cazza

    My son wood working exam

    Clever lad. Photo please. Cazza
  13. Cazza


    Hurrah.:hurray: Go Millet. Cazza
  14. Cazza

    Couch to 5 K

    Rollerskiing is much more joint friendly and so much more fun than boring running. I can happily set off from home and ski 5k. My knees wouldn't bear the run Cazza
  15. Cazza

    Warped foundation - is it useable?

    I agree. Perfectly fine to use. Cazza
  16. Cazza

    Bird Flu UPDATES

    Arrived home from work yesterday to find a pile of papers posted through the door detailing exactly what to do re bird flu. I'm in the 10 k zone for the latest outbreak in Suffolk. Everyone here is taking this very seriously. Cazza
  17. Cazza

    Wire Worms

    That's my experience over the years. I use spuds as the first years crop to clean out the wireworms when I dig up grass for new veg areas. Cazza
  18. Cazza

    Hello From Suffolk, UK

    Hi. Where are you in Suffolk, roughly? Cazza