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    Northern Bee Books

    Hi Does anyone have a contact phone number for above. I ordered something from them over a month ago and not heard a thing other than from an American outfit telling me that it’s coming from the UK so will take a weed while. Thing is, I’m in Nottinghamshire. Cheers all Sent from my iPhone...
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    Honey House insiration

    Hi All This winter i am planning to turn my new shed into a honey house. I'm wondering if any of you kind people who may have done something like this already could share your learning experience with me. I'm thinking of things like Lay out Lining / floor covering Sinks/ Work surfaces etc Many...
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    Bee dances

    Hi all I’m doing a talk on bee dances at our local branch in a month or so. I’ve got the book by Tania Munz on Karl Von Frisch and the discovery of the honeybee language , but was looking for something a tad more recent and succinct if possible. Can any of you help. Oh, and a Happy New Year...
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    Saying Goodbye to the Bees

    Hi All Apologies for not posting for quite a while, but have been caring for family. My father in law has just passed away and was a fellow bee keeper. He was quite a traditionalist and I know he would want me to say goodbye to the bees for him. could anyone on here give me any info on this, or...
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    Lincoln Auction

    Just on my way home after watching the first few lots of bees going for around £50. Glad I'm not selling Looks like it's been a mild winter in terms of losses. Just to update on my way past the gate, heard some later ones going for £120 or so.
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    Nucs for Sale Notts / Lincs

    Hi all Have several Nucs ready to go. All with new queens, 3 or more frames of brood. BS frames. Pick prefered. £120 Any inspection welcome, resent visit by inspector. Regards, Buzz
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    An inspector calls

    Hi all, the bee inspecter came this morning, to do the random sample. I'd just like to reassure the newer beekeepers that the experiance is not as stressful as you think. they are helpful, polite and knowledgeable. look on it as an exciting opportunity to pick the brains of an expert in a one to...
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    Did anyone go to the Lincoln Auction?

    Just wondering what it was like and what rediculous price the "nucs" went for. Buzz
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    Just wondering, has anyone used this stuff, either as a preventive or to treat active Nosema. Any papers out there. Cheers, Buzz
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    Skin Allergy to heather honey

    Here's a thing. I have no probs when spinning other honey, but when pressing heather, my hand itch like hell. Anyone else have this?
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    Is Sugar paste "Fondant"

    Quick question. Bloke has offered me Sugar paste very cheap (£4) a box. Is this the same as Fondant? Thanks for your replies. Dave
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    Number of Wasp nests near Apiary

    Hi all, Hope this is in the right place. If not I am sure admin will move it. As folk will know from my recent posts I am (have been) under attack from a major wasp army. I have sorted 7 nests out but know there are others I am currently unable to get too. I was interested in the sort of...
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    Exhausted Queen back from mating flight?

    So, I put a mini nuc in the garden a few days ago, with capped Q cell. Today found her on the floor a few feet away surrounded by her courteyers. Popped her back into the mini. Lets see if she had done the neccessary? Worth remembering to make mating nucs enterances easy to get to for poor...
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    Nucs in North Notts/ Lincolnshire/ Bassetlaw

    I should have a few 5 frame Nucs for sale in a month or so. They are Buckfast mongrals, with no problems re agression, swarming. I have selected with great care over the last few years to produce a Prolific bee that should fill out a BB by the end of the season with TLC. Send PM if interested...
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    Darley Dale Honey?

    Quick question, someone at work wants local honey for Hay Fever. They live in Darley Dale, derbyshire, near Matlock. Anyone know of a Beek in those parts that might have a few jars for sale? Cheers, Buzz
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    How not to look after a swarm!

    Monday night, 8pm on the way home from work picked up a swarm off a wall. The photos show they were in two clumps. Not a bad one all told. The home owner said they arrived Sunday PM. Must have been between the showers up here in Notts. Anyway, brushed them onto frames and into a nuc box, droped...
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    Pollen beatle!

    just to give you the heads up. Chatting to the farmer tonight, big OSR contractor, concerned about the huge amout of hive beatle present on the flower heads. Will be spraying in the next few days, so will be ringing as and when. You all might want to contact your local guys re the situation...
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    What would you plant in a fallow field

    I have been asked to put some hives in an orchard, fine. Further, I have been told that the land owner currently has a field (of unknown size) that is currently fallow. My question is: what would you try to pursuide them to plant, given the practicalitys of things. i.e. Borrage needs a contract...
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    Dove Tail Joints

    A good freind of mine (a joiner) is making me some boxes, and considering selling them. He is concerned about the amount of end grain that is exposed on the standard joints and is considering dove tails. Is there any reason why this joint appears not to be used. I hope this makes sense to you...
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    Brewers Yeast

    I need some, Holland and Barret are out of the powder, anyone got the name of a source, cheap, on line? Cheers, Buzz