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    Bees and Equipment for sale

    extractor and settling tank still for sale
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    Bees and Equipment for sale

    2 Five frame Nukes £150 each. If wanted in a brand new Thornes National hive £300 each. 9 frame motorised stainless steel extractor, used twice, £500 current price £837 for full spec please see Park beekeeping web page. Large stainless steel Honey settling tank, built in filters, current...
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    2012 nucs for sale

    Five frame national standard Nucs for sale, £120.00 each. 6/7/8 frame nucs also available, please call Paul if interested 07837 021955.
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    Bees for sale

    5 Complete National working hives for sale in Thurrock Essex. Price per hive £250. If interested please contact Paul on 07837021955.
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    donate now has been disabled .WHY???
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    Full working Hives for sale

    My friend currently has 3 12 x 14 full working hives for sale. He is asking £200 each. They all have this years queen in them. If interested please give me a call on 07955 394041. bee-smillie
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    hi there,yes we will have nucs for sale this year giv us a call if you want to be added to the list

    hi there,yes we will have nucs for sale this year giv us a call if you want to be added to the list
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    Bee netting

    i once did a similar project.i used scaffold mesh on security fencing and put a shed with a large observation windowat one end[patio door sealed unit] with hive facing it.people could observe a full inspection
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    sugar warning

    just been tipped off by Costco's that in the new year the price of sugar will be jumping from £8+ a case to over £11. This price rise will affect all suppliers and will filter down to fondant aswell. Apparently it is due to a jump in the wholesale worldwide price. At present it is on special at...
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    What price green kudos?

    some friend i think she is taking the p---.we pay our farmers in honey,tradition says two jars per hive but we give moor,ask about and someone will let you use there land for free
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    Best buy 2010

    If you picked up a machine with a faulty thermostat why don't you just return it?
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    Best buy 2010

    i buy my mesh for floors from my local air ducting firm cut to size from an 8 by 4 sheet and get 14 pieces for £12 get my roof metal and runners there also.i always make sure i leave a few jars of honey to keep the boys sweet
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    Best buy 2010

    if not now,you will get your turn,but what good buys have outhers had?
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    Best buy 2010

    yes that's right!
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    Best buy 2010

    yes, and hot water bath for honey jars before sale stops them from setting for three months
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    Best buy 2010

    Isn't it strange that if you buy an item for bee keeping it can costs £100's more than if it was intended for a different purpose! My best buy this year was a bolier from Lidl which cost me £40, is thermosatically controlled, take a 30lb honey bucket, and also doubles up as a water bath when...
  17. Jam maker

    Jam maker

    this is a very good warmer for your honey.
  18. Jam maker

    Jam maker

    this item is really good for warming your honey
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    New beekeeper

    i have been doing introductory beekeeping taster sessions for 3 years now. I have adverts all around thurrock and they don't cost a penny. d
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    Power lines ?????

    sounds like you have just walked into my apiary.i have not had a problem with them at all