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  1. Susan1

    Flying bees!!

    Love day to go and check the bees for food. Drlighted to see them our. Fondant given. Happy Christmas all.
  2. Susan1

    New nuc with queen cells

    I have a new nuc which I got about 16th july, it has been transferred into a hive. It is really strong and has a marked and clipped queen. On the third inspection it contained capped queen cells which I removed - the queen was there. On the next inspection, yesterday, there were more queen cells...
  3. Susan1

    Honey extraction and storage.

    For the first time in a while I have supers full of honey hooray! My problem is I am going away for five days from this Thursday and am not sure if it will be OK to leave the supers on the hive until I get back or should I take the ones that are ready for extraction of and store them somewhere...
  4. Susan1

    Catching a swarm in a hive.

    Ok I haven't actually ever been lucky enough to attract a swarm in my 10 years of beekeeping but this year I managed to place a hive up high on a flat roofed shed. I was just wondering how I would get it down if I ever get bees in it. It should be interesting.
  5. Susan1

    Question about a swarm.

    A beekeeping friend of mine who is not on the forum has captured a swarm. Most of it is in a nuc but a pile of the bees has decided to set up house underneath the nuc and will not go in. She is wondering why this may be. Would anyone have any ideas why?
  6. Susan1

    Would bees who were robbing settle in the hive if it was empty and they swarmed?

    I now have two empty hives which have been robbed. I was just wondering if a swarm would settle in these hives if I left them were they are. I think its wishful thinking as I do have a bait hive which has never been used. I am so optimistic, when I see the hive with the robbers flying in and out...
  7. Susan1

    Hive is being robbed any advice please?

    I have a hive that was quite weak. I added a couple of frames of stores but they are now being robbed. I have made the entrance of the hive tiny but the robbers are very persistent. I am guessing there is no hope for the hive as it was already weak but I was wondering if there is any way I can...
  8. Susan1

    Nuc wanted in N Ireland

    [I]Anyone have nucs for sale. I have been beekeeping for 9 years and would like to purchase a new nuc. I am in Co. Antrim.
  9. Susan1

    New nuc

    I have a lovely new nuc made from splitting a hive some weeks ago that had queencells. It is actually in a brood box not a nuc box as I really wasn't even sure it would work. However there is lots of brood and they have been taking down loads of feed. I was wondering if I should move them into a...
  10. Susan1

    Green feeder

    I have three big green feeders and two work perfectly. The oldest one has a lid which now does not fit properly. Has anyone else had this problem and would you have any ideas how to fix it? I would contact the place I got it but they are closed today. Thank you in advance.
  11. Susan1


    I was just wondering does everyone use a smoker? I very rarely do and was thinking should I? The bees I have are fairly docile and I use a soft brush to move them on a bit when I am replacing crown boards etc. Is there something I am missing by not using one do you think? Would be interested to...
  12. Susan1

    New nuc

    Yesterday I made a nucleus from a very large hive. I have a queen cell in it and lots of brood and bees and food. I kept it shut up last night and have sprayed water in. It is still with my other hives. I was reading that I should add bee pollen but looked at the price and thought it was quite...
  13. Susan1

    Nucs wanted newtownabbey

    I have lost my bee colony over the winter and wish to buy two overwintered nucs. Can anyone help?
  14. Susan1

    No Bees - nucs??

    For the first time in the six years I have now been keeping bees I have none. I only had one hive and I knew it was weak in the autumn but I made sure they had enough food and around December I added fondant but I checked at the weekend and they are dead. So if anyone in N Ireland preferably co...
  15. Susan1

    No Bees - nucs??

  16. Susan1

    Overwintering an Apidea

    Hello everyone. Do you have any tips for overwintering an apidea with a mated queen in it.
  17. Susan1

    Hive ransacked

    Am fed up as my big double brood hive at the start of the season has now been reduced to a few frames. I feel I have mishandled the hive totally it swarmed, was robbed by all and sundry and finally by the wasps. I feel like giving up. I am also fed up because I still haven't got my results of...
  18. Susan1

    Mated queen in Apdiea

    What should I do with it. Will the queen keep in there ok for another week?
  19. Susan1

    paint for the hive

    Honestly I have searched here and I know I have read about before. but what type of paint can I use to paint a hive or what should I not use
  20. Susan1


    How much would a virgin queen cost?