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  1. Boston Bees

    Poll: Should it be legal to use the word "Raw" on labels to describe unheated, non-pressure filtered honey

    As being discussed on another thread. I thought a poll would be worth doing. Note: the current situation is that it is NOT allowed
  2. Boston Bees

    Another Economist article on varroa ...

    I am starting to think that the Economist has a beekeeper on their staff. Anyway, here's an interesting article about varroa, propolis, and the (alleged) problems caused by breeding for bees that don't gum up the hive with the stuff.
  3. Boston Bees

    Economist article on varroa research

    I am posting this against my better judgement, as (with only 6 hives in the study) I fear it is unscientific tosh, but here you go - The Economist does beekeeping! (There's a bonus obituary for you on the reverse)
  4. Boston Bees

    Hmmm .... significant numbers of drones on October 22nd

    Sigh .... I suspect this isn't great news .....
  5. Boston Bees

    Moron of the day ....

    A near neighbour of mine who, it appears, has doused the entirety of an ivy hedge with insect killing powder
  6. Boston Bees

    Smallest swarm ever

    I saw some aerial activity on a footpath near my house today and, lo and behold, there was a very small cluster of bees on a twig. It seemed so tiny that I thought it must be some confused bees following a mating flight, but hours later they are still there, so I guess they are a swarm. But...
  7. Boston Bees

    Equipment Wanted Pre-wired foundationless DN4 frames

    Does anyone know where I could buy some pre-wired foundationless DN4 frames? Park Beekeeping do them but they never seem to be in stock National Brood Frames DN4 Pre-Wired | Park Beekeeping Thanks
  8. Boston Bees

    Economist magazine article on varroa / RNA

    Somewhat bizarre, and not 100% sure how workable it could be, but interesting nonetheless. EDIT - just realised that this has been mentioned in another thread. Sorry! But will leave the attachment anyway.
  9. Boston Bees

    Correx travel boxes and heat

    Quick question - is it safe to have a nuc sitting in an apiary in a correx travel box on a really hot day? (not being picked up for 24 hours) I mean, I know they are ventilated, but I just wondered if anyone had experienced issues? Would it be safe for a less populated nuc, but risky for a nuc...
  10. Boston Bees

    Swarm ... I think?

    I was sure I had cut down all queen cells but one. There were only two frames that could have queen cells on to start with, so surely not that hard...... But then they swarmed this morning. When I first saw it, I thought "ahh, mating flight of that single queen cell I left behind". But then...
  11. Boston Bees

    Bee Equipment cotton smoker fuel - warning

    Be warned, Bee Equipment have changed the material in this product without changing the description. Smoker Fuel, Cotton – Bee Equipment ( It used to be pure cotton fibres which burned very nicely, and cleanly, and were very handy for a quick inspection. Now, it definitely...
  12. Boston Bees

    Bee ID please

    Had a call yesterday about bees in a wall. I reckon early mining bees. What does the forum say? TIA
  13. Boston Bees

    Overwintered 2020 queen in Paynes poly hive (not nuc)

    11 frames of bees, BIAS, stores etc. Overwintered 2020 queen (not marked or clipped) Good condition two-year-old Paynes poly hive (floor, varroa board, brood box, plastic coverboard, queen excluder, roof) Ready for a super £250 Collection from Wetherby area (West Yorkshire)
  14. Boston Bees

    Vino update

    Got some deadouts? Maybe have a disease issue? Here's what to do from an apiary hygiene point of view .... :oops:
  15. Boston Bees

    New hive on the block

    Intriguing idea, though the metal divider is clearly a bit too tall on this prototype version (there's a noticeable wobble...). But could have potential.
  16. Boston Bees

    Varrox Eddy

    Long shot, but if anyone has one of these and wouldn't mind sharing a bit of information about it (in particular, the dimensions of the bit that goes into the hive) I would be very grateful. Please let me know if so. TIA
  17. Boston Bees

    How much to sell nucs for

    The thread currently running on honey pricing made me want to ask this question. I am just a hobbyist, and tend to end up with more colonies than I want, due to splitting, swarm collecting etc. I don't sell anything that hasn't proven the ability to overwinter, but do need to get rid of a few...
  18. Boston Bees

    Intriguing products?

    I saw these on the Abelo website and am just wondering what people think of them? I hasten to add I am not affiliated with Abelo! But as someone who doesn't particularly like trying to capture queens and put them in little cages (due to a lack of skill) I was wondering how I could use these? One...
  19. Boston Bees

    Live webcam feed - quite soothing to watch really

    Live Bee HIve Cam @ DoES Liverpool, The Tapestry Building - YouTube Worth turning the volume up too.
  20. Boston Bees

    Maisemore poly nuc floor question

    Maisemore sell floors for their poly nuc range. I am considering buying a few. They appear to have a pop-out section above the entrance. My question is, does anyone know what this is for? Does it actually pop out? It doesn't look as if it would make the entrance larger (the brood box would cover...