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    new queen and apigard

    Hi all, If you are introducing a new queen can you also treat with apigard or is it best to wait tlll she is established? Colony has very little capped brood and has been queenless for around 10 days, Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Hive a mess with wild comb and frame sizes

    I have a hive which has a confusion of frame sizes and boxes including some with wild comb attached to brood frame running the entire depth of the colony. (two supers and a brood box, national frames.) I have twice tried to allow HM to go into a fresh brood box placed on top of colony but...
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    Honey in brood chamber

    I have just united a colony with a queen less colony with this configuration using national equipment floor brood box with queen queen excluder super queen excluder with paper (now all gone) super brood box with quite a lot of honey in it. I have removed second queen excluder and put a crown...
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    Remove wasps nest

    Hi all, Is it possible to get rid of wasps from a nest in a shed wall without killing them? I suspect the answer is no but I have a friend who wants to do it. Thanks Skibeebee -smillie
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    Apiguard tainted supers

    Hi guys, What should I do with Super frames full of sealed honey that may be tainted with Apiguard after an emergency spring treatment? Was thinking of removing then freezing whole frames and giving back to the bees at the end of summer. But will the honey granulate on the comb and become...
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    New Year's resolution?

    Thread speaks for itself. Info could be very useful for us newbees. I'll start off.... Keep proper records this year. bee-smillie
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    Spring Holiday

    Hi all, would be grateful for advice. I am going away from March 4th till April 18th and wondering how to prepare my hives. Currently three colonies, active and bringing in pollen. On National hives, single broodbox and super on top (slight new beek mix up in autumn then didn't want to...
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    Queen cells

    I have a strong colony with lots of bees but have a queen problem. Just a few eggs and larvae in the last few inspections but found three good sized sealed queen cells two days ago. Think if there is a queen she is injured (not much brood and hasn't been much for a while). Thought it was...